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Fandom killed my social life.

Nevertheless, me and the boys went out on Friday. I insisted upon it, and because they're the only real life people I *see* these days, it had to be them. And we drank tequila shots at the bar (which I never do. Wine is my tipple of choice) with salt and lemon. Eating lemon rind is my new favourite thing, fyi. It's sweet! Trust me on this. I highly recommend it. Anyway, Pete insisted we go to the Notting Hill Arts Club, saying it would be really cool and it REALLY WASN'T. It was full of young fuckwits, who weren't even hot. One 21 year old geek attempted to hit on me, even using the line about age not mattering (oh PLEASE) to which my response would have been, "You're age isn't the problem (no really. I love young boys). The fact that you're *hideous* is the problem." But I'm too nice so I just intimidated the fuck out of him until he cowered away from me. VICTORY!

We got soooo drunk that Pete and I started dancing a little bit dirty with each other, but fortunately, despite my tequila haze, I didn't let it go any further. See, I find Pete semi attractive when I'm drunk. He's got a nice, hard, fit body, and he smells good and he dresses real nice (seriously, he's gay except that he loves fucking chicks). Whatever. We left the club, me vowing never to go clubbing again (again) and then I had the brilliant idea to get KFC on the way home (despite having had a big dinner before going out) and we ate it in the taxi (despite being within walking distance of home).

My hangover was a cruel one yesterday, so me and Hamish got out movies and spent the day in front of the television. YAY.

King Kong is AWESOME, people. It hit so many of my buttons and I'm super proud of Peter Jackson because he really *gets* how to make a blockbuster work. The action sequences are all spectacular, Adrian Brody is HOT, the love story between Ann and Kong is just... just completely amazing - animal lovers will fall madly in love Kong, but beware. I haven't cried so much in a film in YEARS. I was sobbing my head off by the end and I couldn't stop crying even after it finished. Hamish was all, "Kate, a CGI character made you cry." And I was like, "WAH!!"

Oldboy is excellent but not really my kind of movie. It's a little too grim for me.

Hustle and Flow is fucking brilliant and if you're at all a hip hop fan, you should see it.

And that was my Saturday! Today, I plan to watch SPN and read some porn. I've been thinking about doing some writing too. But first, hot boys and ghosts! *boogies*
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