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Maggie from Extras is my new favourite girl character on television. Last night the show tackled a tricky and sensitive subject: Racism.


So, Maggie fancies a hot black guy, but after he witnesses an ambiguous looking situation involving her and another woman (who happens to be black) Maggie becomes convinced that he thinks she's a racist. And Maggie being Maggie, a seriously charming, bumbling fool (played to *perfection* by Ashley Jensen) feels the urge to *prove* that she's not racist, naturally making things worse.

She gets her date with hot black guy, and it goes well and he likes her (depsite her cluelessness, it's surprisingly believable to see her do alright with the fellas - her odd, goofy, droopy, Scottish prettiness has an irresistible quality) and they're back at her place and they're on the couch and he's telling her a funny story and she's laughing. And then. She spots her gollywog. Of course she has to get it out of the room before he spots it because if he spots it he'll think she's racist and hell, maybe she *is* racist for having a gollywog, she's really not sure either way. It was a scene of painful, hilarious beauty. And as a piece of social commentary, fucking perfect.

Ricky Gervais: I am your bitch.
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