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Lexana porn WOOOHOOO

Last night, heh, I wrote Lexana comment porn for the lovely literaryll because she was freaking out about her inexplicable switch from hating Lexana to liking them, and I, being drunk and feeling frisky, decided to… encourage it.

*wide eyes*

And because I know I have a few Lexana fans on my flist, I’m posting it here too, because it’s important to share the wrong. I fixed it up a little too, and added even more porn. *BEAMS*


Lex slams Lana up against the wall of her dorm room. She gasps, scared and excited and disapproving.

"You know how I feel about you," he whispers, right into her ear, mouth so close it's wet and hot and she can't help but clench the muscles in her groin in response. "Stop teasing me."

Lana breathes, she can still breathe, but it's shallow and it's betraying her. Because she doesn't want to feel this. Doesn't want Lex to know she's feeling this.

He'll use it against her. He'll lie to her. He'll fuck her and not stick around.

Or maybe he won't fuck her.

That's enough to make Lana tilt her head towards Lex so her lips are touching his cheek. Smooth and soft and just like a girl's, but not.

Lex is all man.

"Okay," she whispers, and Lex grabs her face and stares into her eyes, the look on his face determined. Heated.

He kisses her, hard, on the mouth. And Lana tastes Lex properly, for the first time. His tongue, his mouth, tastes strangely... expensive. Which fits, because kissing Lex is going to cost her.

Fucking Lex is going to cost her.

But God. She wants to so much.

Lex slides a hand between her legs. Not wasting any time. And he rubs her there. Hard.

And he knows. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Because Lana feels like she's going to have an orgasm and it's not supposed to happen like this, is it? So quickly?

"Let me fuck you," Lex murmurs, his voice floating in the silence, like faraway music, pretty and enticing. She wants to get closer to it.


She might or might not have said it out loud, but it doesn't matter because a cock is inside her now and she's bent over her desk and Lex is pumping into her. They’re both still almost fully dressed, and this, Lana supposes, is her first quickie. But that’s okay. That works. She doesn’t need…

“Oh my God,” she pants, her eyes rolling back in her head as she starts to come.

Over and over again.

And Lex just keeps on fucking her through her orgasms, like he knows just how to prolong it, make it last forever.


She's dripping...

He didn't use a condom...

He's zipping up his fly...

He's making excuses to leave...

He's full of regret...

He's smiling at her ruefully...

He's gone...

Lana clutches the duvet up around her chin, the cold seeping right through, clinging to her skin. She misses Clark.

She wants Clark.

Clark is safe and warm. He's comfort and light and... and he's safe.


Lana doesn't sleep a wink that night.

The end.
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