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Prison Break Ep 17

I just bought a samosa in a packet from the corner shop and I heated it up in the microwave and it was soggy and very spicy and completely tasteless, and yet, I was so hungy I really enjoyed it!

But that's neither here nor there.


You know what I love about this show?

It's so intelligent and it's about intelligent people.

Sara is just the best thing that's ever happened. I love how when questioned about Michael by her pal at the bar, she says, "I think he's interesting. And attractive. But he's also an inmate and I'll never blah blah blah." Because YES. All of these things are true. And it's so damn refreshing to hear a character say smart things. Things that we, the audience, know and say out loud a lot. It's not that common in television: characters who act and talk like actual real live people. Honest characters. Clever characters who actually behave cleverly. Because Sara has clearly fallen in love with Michael, and we've seen the progression of it and it feels completely natural and believable, and yet she's absolutely right. He's an inmate and she would be insane to get too close. A real, genuine obstacle to love is always the best way to create sexual tension. (Unlike, say, the repetitive, bullshit obstacles that Clark and Lana have always been up against.)

And my prediction for the cliff hanging predicament.

Okay, Michael is a fucking genuis right. And I knew he was up to something when he was all catatonic, but it was still a wonderful surprise to find out what it was.

Crazy Dude (omg continuity, I'm SO glad he's back) can't remember him, but then, Crazy Dude is currently on drugs, and when he was sharing a cell with Michael, he was off the drugs, so next episode, I imagine Michael will figure that out, get him off the drugs, and then he'll remember and help him (and possibly join the crew? HOPEFULLY. I love Crazy Dude.).

Finally, are we liking the longer hair on Michael?

YES YES WE ARE. And the stubble! Oh dear GOD. Prettyprettypretty. AND, he's the brainiest, hottest boy on TV. YAYITY!
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