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Smallville and SEX.


I had a hangover that lasted all weekend. NEAT. But last night I did something awesome that I haven't done in forever. I watched Smallville all night.

I started with Rush, because I wanted Red!Clark, because Red!Clark is horny and you all know that horny Clark is my favourite thing in the whole world.

Then I watched Prodigal, because I wanted Clex and you all know that Prodigal is the slashiest episode of television EVER MADE. Clark is very pretty all throughout Prodigal too. Pretty and jealous and with a clenching jaw. YUMMY. Plus, Lex doing manual labour is teh sex.

Then I watched, ahem, Fever, because it was the next episode on the DVD and I couldn't be bothered moving to change the dvd and omg, that's such a shitty episode, although sleeping sick Clark is ADORABLE.

THEN, I watched Unsafe, because I wanted more Horny Red!Clark and okay, quite frankly, the episode bites, but who the fuck cares right, because Clark has NEVER LOOKED BETTER. I will prove it to you in a second.

And then, just before grumpily retiring to bed, I watched the first scene of Bound. Did you know that I've only ever seen the entirety of that episode once? And yet, I've watched the first scene (and the scene in the elevator with Clark and Chloe) um... several times. OH DEAR GOD LEX IS SO SEXY.

My only problem with this scene is that Clark didn't just have his way with Alicia. I mean, she's foxy and he's horny, and look at his arms and chest. HELLO. There's no need to get married you crazy fools! Just get BUSY.

I swear to you people. There is NOTHING better than horny Clark. I love the wild look in his eyes here. He's just so desperate to get laid.

More wild, horny, perfect Clark.

OMG. Imagine marrying THAT. He's wearing all black for starters, which is the best colour EVER on Tommy, and his hair as fabulously sexy and he's crazed and he wants to get the wedding out of the way so he can go fuck Alicia's brains out. 

You can't really see it here but he's wearing BRACES. Which he tugs off while walking, so he can strip off his shirt, but they're still attached to his trousers and I do not know why that's so hot but IT REALLY REALLY IS.

This screencap can never be appreciated too much. Hot men in neck jewellery is a HUGE kink of mine.

Ditto for this - the most famous ever Clark screencap. It's the way his legs are spread and his hips are pushed up that makes it. WHY OH WHY did Alicia take the necklace off him? Stupid stupid girl. *slaps Alicia*

The expression on Lex's face here is the absolute HOTTEST THING EVER. In fact, I'm so enamoured with Lex's "style" in the bedroom, I'm going to list here everything that works about this part of the scene:
1. The bared teeth
2. The clenched jaw
3. The way he's holding her arms and pushing her backwards
4. The unbuttoned shirt (I like tuxes right, but I particularly like them when the bow tie's been undone but is still hanging around the neck and the top button is open)
5. The look in his eyes that says nothing but, "I am going to fuck you so hard and you're going to love it"

I imagine Lex is more of a dirty talker than he was in Bound, but then, he didn't really know this woman and maybe he only starts chatting with the ones he's really comfortable with (like Clark). But still, when I imagine the elevator scene (which I do a LOT), I think of Lex fucking her with his fingers and whispering hoarsely in her ear, "you like that," and then, I dunno, later when he's screwing her in the bed, saying stuff like, "turn over so I can fuck you in the ass." *shrugs*
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