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Supernatural - Hell House!

Okay, I *finally* saw Hell House and I just have one thing I want to talk about.

OMFG, here's a good question.

Why does Jared wear clothes so often? WHY HAVE WE NOT BEEN SHOWN HIS BODY BEFORE? *is dead*

And okay, you guys know I don't swing that way, but seriously. When Jared walked out of the bathroom all shiny and wet and towel clad and with omg the HOTTEST FUCKING BODY I'VE EVER SEEN, like, okay, Dean totally checked him out AND he liked what he saw. Obviously. He's not BLIND. But yeah, I bet you Sam/Dean shippers all had kittens during that scene.

Back to Jared's excessive hotness though. I can't even HANDLE it. I had no idea. He's so fucking *buff*. Okay, I take back what I said about Tom winning the arm wrestle between him and Jared. It could go either way, seriously. JESUS. *is a million times dead*

Best episode EVER.
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