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SV S5 Void

It amuses me how yesterday I was all angry with the world and with my job because I had to do some actual... work. I really do resent it when I'm not free to fuck about on LJ and write porn and spend hours making picspams. I am now in a better mood because, despite having the hangover from the depths of hell, I just watched Void and feel wonderful about life again. Season 5 continues to thrill me. YAAAAAY SMALLVILLE! KITTENS!

One of my favourite episodes of the season so far, for the following reasons, in no particular order:
  • Lex. The scene with his mother was so incredibly chilling and just *perfect* and then he lied to Lana about it. The Lex of the future is here. OMG. With the glove! And the line about all the people he was going to murder! That made me squeal. It was just so well done.  MR was stunning, I thought, and ridiculously sexy. He's definitely made a conscious decision to seduce Lana and now that he's lied to her once  - despite his promise to her that he never would - he'll certainly lie to her again. Oh god I really hope they don't fuck this up. If this isn't a permanent piece of character development, I'll storm out of here in a huff and slam the door behind me.
  • Clark's mouth. See, Clark's hair wasn't doing much for me, but his mouth made up for it.
  • Lana being a junkie. AWESOME! I like how fucked up Lana is; it's one of the reasons why I've enjoyed Season 5 Lana so much. I mean, wow, she really lost her mind this episode. She was NUTS. Seriously. She was fucking bonkers. Don't you think? Like, WOOO. Totally insane. INSANE. I found her fascinating actually, which is a new and pleasurable experience. Oh! Let's all heave a ginormous sigh of relief that Clana is still over. SIGH.
  • Lex again. God I love Lex with a gun. Superb.
  • Martha. Wow, okay, she rocks, although how come she didn't explain that Lionel wasn't actually her date to Clark. Did she and did I miss it? I mean, she and Lionel are just friends right? It might have been nice for her to make that clearer to poor, confused, scared Clark. Jonathan's barely dead and she's getting all dressed up and skipping out with Clark's arch nemesis and she doesn't even say, "Clark, it's not what it looks like"? That's CRAZY (the theme of this episode).
  • Clark's scene with Jonathan was just amazing, and the perfect counterpoint to Lex's experience. Also, it made me cry like a little baby.
  • The gruesome death of the mad scientist guy. Oh yeah, and the chick who looked like something out of a horror movie and then died in truly nasty fashion. This episode was so grown up!
  • The short term death of the three main characters which lead to enlightening encounters with dead parents (except for Lana's decidedly dull and pointless encounter with hers) was a cool way to move along the one story we're all here for: Lex and Clark.
  • I didn't mind the lack of clex because the episode was so well handled and you know, Clark was very cute when Chloe (quite cruelly if you ask me) told him that Lex died. His "what" was awfully high pitched.
I'm sure there was more but my memory's not what it used to be and I just want to go and spend the next few hours reading all your thoughts and possibly commenting with things like, "yeah omg you're so smart."
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