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There is such a thing as being a reasonable boss.

Asking me to photocopy 400 pages out of an 800 page book is NOT FUCKING REASONABLE. It is, in fact, INSANE. And PROBABLY NOT EVEN LEGAL. He just came up to me right and started asking if I'd done some other stuff yet and I pretty much told him to fuck off. I was like, "I haven't done any of it yet. I'm in a really bad mood [because I just spent 3 hours at the fucking photocopier]. Can I just have my lunch and talk to you later please." And he left, stuttering out apologies, because he was scared. I'm not angry very often (practically *never*) but when I am I'm quite intimidating.

I am in a deeply UNreasonable mood now and everyone better stay the hell away from me today if they know what's good for them.

Further, my flist is annoying me because they're talking about Smallville and SPN, which I haven't seen yet (and get this, one of you, who I won't name because you'll hopefully know who you are, posted spoilers about SV without cutting them. THANKS A BUNCH).

The only positive thing I have to say at this moment is Prison Break is the greatest show ever and I love it.

Back to being negative though, the first episode of Grey's Anatomy was on UK TV last night and I thought it sucked. I like the Asian chick though.

PLEASE SOMEBODY CHEER ME UP (not with SV talk though because that would probably make me hate you).
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