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I am not the sickest! My middle name! Arm wrestling!

Hardly surprising that Ginger won the poll by miles. She IS sicker than me, as are ALL OF YOU who think incest is not as sick as fucking kids.

My middle name

No, my middle name is not, in fact, any of the following: Porn, Oscar "Balony" Mayer, you are one sick puppy, Christopher, Pervert or Jemima (like on Play School).

It is, of course, Jane (toadstoolsmiles, you are correct - it is the best middle name in the universe! *throws arm around your shoulder*).

You may have been thrown by the fact that my first name is Kate, because Kate Jane sounds stupid, but of course, my first name is really Katherine. Apparently my mother thought it smart to put Katherine on my birth certificate, despite calling me Kate from day one, because she thought I might want to "choose" a different name when I got old enough, in case "Kate" didn't please me. WTF? Kate is the best name ever. 

Nevertheless, when I was little, I insisted that my name was Katie and that everyone had to call me Katie but then I turned 13 and decided it wasn't grown up enough and I made everyone call me Kate, although Kirsten (my BFF) and Mum still call me Katie. Frankly I love both Kate and Katie and you can call me either.

I owe a prize to everyone who guessed Jane correctly, which was 10 of you, and it's behind the cut. WELL DONE PEOPLE.


I guess I should say something about hot guys now.

Please to all imagine the following armwrestles and then tell me who you think would win:

1. Tom vs Mikey
2. Chad vs Jared
3. Jensen vs Jared
4. Wentworth vs Tom (oh god, I just imagined it and now I need a moment)
5. Tom vs Jared

What I think:

Okay, my money's on Tom winning all of his wrestling matches. Have you SEEN his arms? He'd kick Mike's ass easily. Went would put up a fight because he's very intense and doesn't like to lose, but eventually he'd just give in because Tom's prettiness would distract him. Jared and Tom would be quite evenly matched but even though Jared's taller, he's also a LOT skinnier, so eventually (after a lot of grunting) Tom would best him. Jared would win against Chad, who's clearly the girl in that relationship, and he'd also beat Jenny, although that match would go on for hours. TELL ME I'M NOT COMPLETELY RIGHT ABOUT ALL OF THAT, I DARE YOU.

PS. I dreamt about Went last night and in the dream we totally made out for ages. I LOVE MY BRAIN.

Tags: boys, random, real life
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