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Clex lives!

bop_radar's review is perfect. Her reactions were almost opposite to mine but then, she's a hell of a lot smarter than me.  She (and LaT) are who I go to to explain the episode to me. And then I go, oh yeah, I get it. Thanks, ladies!

Anyway, you guys don't love me for my crappy meta, you love me because I'm crazy and I love Clex.

Which is what I want to talk about here. Don't die of shock.

They're not giving us much to work with; that I'll concede to. (Why didn't we get to see what happened after Simone had been taken down? The way I imagine the scene is this: Clark and Chloe say nothing at all and just walk out without a word to Lex because they are rude fuckers. Because if that's *not* what they do then the creative team are a bunch of evil fuckwits who aren't letting us see important fucking stuff happen between the boys. Like okay, what if Clark then walked over to Lex and said, "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" and Lex said, "I'm fine. Wow you're strong. What's that about?" They'd show us that right? So *that* didn't happen. Or what if Clark had said, "How did you know about Simone, Lex? Did you hire her to fuck me?" Lex replies, "Ummm, er, well, I read about her in Mutant Weekly." "Don't lie to me!" "You started it!" That obviously didn't happen either. Wait, I've got it! When the pendant exploded everyone in the room magickly forgot everything strange that had happened and then Clark and Chloe left in a daze and Lex was in a daze too and did Simone die? He took care of the body I guess and nothing was ever mentioned of the incident again. )

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, CLEX. This episode was SLASHY. norwich36 cleverly points out why here.

See, I had two favourite bits:

1. Lex's reaction to the Clark's a great kisser line. The general consensus seems to be that Lex was all, YEAH I KNOW THAT BITCH. But I took it to be the following: instant erection. Did anyone else think that? I honestly, I'm not kidding you, I thought hearing that turned Lex on. Like a picture of Clark and Simone kissing flashed into his mind and I was expecting Lex to like, *adjust* himself.

2. THE PAUSE. No, not Tom Welling's giant hands, but the pause when he was hyptonised and he was meant to be killing Lex but Lex looks him in the eye and says, "Clark, I love you," and Clark PAUSES and it's a very very very long pause that would have gone on even longer if Simone hadn't turned up and rehypnotised him. And wasn't her hypnosis meant to be TOTALLY UNBREAKABLE? Yes. Yes it WAS. But Lex got through to him! HE GOT THROUGH TO HIM. Clark's *expression* omg just killed. Me. Dead. Lex eye fucked Clark out of hypnosis! THAT'S TRUE LOVE PEOPLE.
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