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SV S5 Hypnotic

WOW. Wow wow wow. I don't know what anyone else thought about this episode yet but I am pretty much speechless. That was intense.

Maybe I'm crazy to believe that the breakup was real this time but I DO. And I really really liked Lana in this episode. I can't actually move my muscles right now.

Okay right, concentrate, Kate.

Fine's back. Don't care. He was already beaten once, he'll be beaten again, I just do not care.

What I liked about this episode (apart from seeing Clark get some - omg why is he so gay? Why didn't he fuck Simone when he was freaking *hypnotised*? I mean come ON big guy, that's the one time you CAN get some pussy. But NO. He's all, my subconscious is SO AFRAID of boobies, even when I'm not in control I won't touch you there. WHAT A FAG.) was the Clark/Lana/Lex stuff. Lois can bite me, quite frankly. She was just annoying tonight, and I quite *like* her normally.

Chloe wins the episode for her smarts. She was smarter than Lex at any rate.

Dear Lex,

Please don't trust Milton Fine you giant moron.



Back to Chloe. She's like, more super that Clark at the moment. It would have been nice if she'd not argued about Clark's decision to break up with Lana - a good decision it was too *pats Clark on the head* - but her supergirling of skanky Simone was AWESOME. And who's the good shot out of her and Lex? BULLSEYE. Nice.

Lex is still obsessed with Clark. Thank you God. I think fucking with Clark and Lana's relationship was the icing on the cake for Lex, but it wasn't really *about* that. It was about finding out Clark's secrets (a storyline that will never get old if you're me) and of course finding out what Clark's like in the sack.

"Anything else, Simone?" Lex asks. "Anything besides Clark being a good kisser? What's his cock like?"

Oh man. I love my show so much.

I was kind of expecting Lana to go to Lex's and jump him actually. Ha. No seriously. I was kind of surprised when she didn't. I mean WHYTF is Lex the first person she wanted to tell? Unless she wants him to comfort her. In that way. Lex is thinking the SAME THING I AM. She's so weird, you know? It's like, um, Lex is a GUY Lana. Who has shown you DOZENS of times that he wants you and possibly loves you and you're all, wah, comfort me but don't comfort me but do comfort me but don't. STOP BEING A TEASE.

Lex has every right to bend her over the pool table and take her roughly from behind if you ask me (and she's horny - that's canon now - she'll love it).

I could honestly keep rambling for years about this but I think I should go and read some smarter people's thoughts while I'm still sober enough to understand them.

PS. Where are all the SPN torrents?
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