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Phones, Prison Break, House and OTPS!

I lost my phone charger the other day (I found it this morning on the kitchen table) and so I was uncontactable for about three days and I didn't even care. I am, in fact, slightly peeved about having to maybe speak to people who want to speak to me now and as it turns out I'm double, possibly triple booked tomorrow night and I may have to go out tonight and tonight is my Smallville night and it's just ANNOYING. Why must I be so popular?

Last night I watched Prison Break and it was too much. It was TOO TENSE. I COULDN'T HANDLE IT. *sobs* (I have the hots for C-Note, btw. After Michael, he's my favourite inmate.)

Then I watched House on UK tv and I have a new OTP in the form of House/House's ex, Stacy. I love them because they turn me on. *sobs*

Now I am going to list all the pairings I love (or at least all of the ones I can think of right now), both fanon and canon (though they don't have to be "together" to be a canon pairing), and then I'll list the ones I don't love, for balance. I'd like you to do the same please.


Michael/Sara, Prison Break: My favourite television pairing at the moment. I find them both completely hot and they love each other till the end of time and their chemistry is off the scale.

Ross/Rachel, Friends: DUDE. If they hadn't gotten together at the end I would have flipped out.

Charlotte/Harry; Carrie/Big; Samantha/Smith, SatC: I adored the last episode of SatC because it was the most romantic ending EVER. I like Miranda/Steve as an item but I'm not including them here because they don't make me feel frisky.

House/Stacy, House: These two make me want some alone time.

Buffy/Spike; Buffy/Angel, BtVS: Is this allowed? See, I love Buffy with Angel because it's so tragically romantic and I love Buffy with Spike because it's SO FUCKING HOT. *shrugs*

Willow/Tara, BtVS: Till the END OF TIME. *sobs*

Sydney/Vaughn, Alias: I haven't seen S5 yet but these two have a Buffy/Angel quality about them except less doomed. They're MFEO and their love is so true and pure (sort of).

Irena/Jack, Alias: HOT.

Gaius/Six, BSG: The reason I have pledged my eternal love to BSG.

Dawn/Tim, The Office: Awwwwwwwww. So cute and sexy I could DIE.

Mal/Inara, Firefly: Have they fucked yet?

I'm sure there's more but we don't have all day.


Lincoln/Veronica, Prison Break: Well. His head is giant and rectangular and his voice is stupid, and she's pure evil. I hate her so much.

Clark/Lana, SV: You work it out.

Angel/Cordelia, Angel: NO NO NO NO NO. He loves BUFFY. This pairing makes me physically SICK. FUCK YOU JOSS. 

Gunn/Fred, Angel: Less of an OTP, more of an ill advised couple with so little sexual chemistry they actually grossed me out.

Monica/Chandler, Friends: Okay, I don't *hate* them. In fact, by the end I really liked them as a couple, but for the first few years they pissed me off. A) they had no chemistry and B) Chandler lost his comedy. You noticed that right? How Chandler stopped being funny for YEARS. He was hilarious as a miserable loser and I'll never quite forgive Friends for making him happy.

Marissa/Ryan, The OC: Can you say BORING AS HELL?


Clark/Lex, SV: SHOCK!

Harry/Draco, HP: Look at me. I don't even read HP fic. I did for a while and then I discovered Smallville and never looked back, but I did find these two pretty hot. That said, I also liked Snape/Harry because it was so wrong.

Summer/Ryan, The OC: My first experience of estrella30 was a summer/ryan story and it made me love her and them and damn the OC to hell for sucking so hard and for not even considering the hotness of these two.

I can't think of anymore.


Sam/Dean, Supernatural: INCEST IS WRONG, PEOPLE. *shudders*

Spike/Xander, BtvS: Xander isn't attractive. I don't want to read about Xander having sex. And Spike loves Buffy, the end.

Now your turn!
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