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SOME IMPORTANT RULES. And the simple pleasures meme.

This week has SUCKED.

Last night Hamish yelled at me and made me cry. I don't want to get into the whole thing; needless to say it was flat bullshit and boring but still, there are rules.

1. Do not be mean to Kate or she WILL cry.
2. Being drunk and/or depressed is NOT an excuse to be mean to Kate.
3. Kate will forgive you in her own sweet time and you'll know when that's happened because she will be able to look you in the eye again and talk in complete sentences.

On the bright side, Pete and I have rebonded over our mutual hatred of Hamish. Every cloud...

supercaptain182 tagged me for the simple pleasures meme, so even though I'm cranky I'll do it but I'm not tagging anyone because everyone's already done it but if you haven't done it and you want to, consider yourself tagged.

1. My first cup of tea in the morning
2. Having flatmates who aren't mean to me
3. Clex
3. Having dinner cooked for me by mean people who are good cooks
4. Porn
5. Wearing pajamas
6. Watching planes from my balcony
7. Laughing so hard it hurts
8. Not being mean
9. Sleeping with Orson the cat
10. Getting feedback on a story from someone I've never met before

Oh yeah, I actually have some porn in my head and if I get time today I'll type it out and post it because it's Friday. I've been a lazy pornographer of late and for that I am sorry. My excuse is that my arms hurt.
Tags: meme, real life
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