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Prison Break Ep 14

I finally saw it.

I cried A LOT. One of the themes running throughout PB - which is why the show appeals to me so much - is love. The love between the brothers and everyone else. And Went is such a soulful actor. It's so beautifully filmed, as well. Prison has never looked so pretty. And every character matters.

I'm listening to Alicia Keys right now. She is also soulful.

i love the way PB plays with you. I was like, omg they're gonna kill him, oh no wait, he'll be saved, oh no fuck, it's all over, ooooh though, maybe not. And that's what they left us with! I still have some hope, but not lots.

LINCOLN COULD TOTALLY DIE. It's true! It would be the ultimate surprise and I wouldn't put it past them. Kill him, remove him from the credits. The others still have to break out, after all. OMG. I just don't even know anymore. Also, something could happen that would save him! They do that shit ALL THE TIME on PB! Some miraculous you gotta have faith kind of miracle moment!

Who hates the prison warden fuckhead.  I HATE HIM. He ruins EVERYTHING.

I'm gay for the doctor. She's just the most gorgeous, natural beauty and the camera loves her and she's a wonderful actress and she's got red hair and she's completely in love with Michael but in an OTP kind of way it's not just about the fact that he's a sexy hotass it's pure and true and he loves her back just as much (although he has other things on his mind right now. Natch.).

FAVOURITE SHOW. (Smallville, I love you, but you're very silly and you're still my other favourite show but you're not as good as PB.)

Ooh, and House is on tonight, which is my other other favourite show. I WIN!
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