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HELLO. Some bitching. Wonder Woman!

I have a dumb question. If I have someone friended and they don't have me friended back but they visit my journal, can they see locked posts? They can right?

UM. Hi new people!

Here is a list of things that you should know about me:

1. If I am being serious I'll warn you beforehand. Otherwise you can assume I'm not being serious.
2. I love hot people, but especially Tom Welling, Wentworth Miller and Lex Luthor. *points at banner*
3. I am obsessed with porn.
4. I am lazy.
5. I live with two boys but it's purely platonic.
6. I drink too much.
7. I am a cat person.
8. I'm turing 30 this year.
9. I'm excessively cheerful and happy and silly.
10. I am allergic to all fake tan.


Hamish is moving out. He's going back to NZ. He's LEAVING ME. And although we live in a beautiful house which is very appealing to anyone who is cool and has good taste, the reason we can afford to live there is because the third bedroom (Hamish's) is less of a bedroom and more of an attic. I am very depressed about the prospect of replacing Hamish, who is one of the best flatmates I've ever had (and has told me on numerous occasions that I'm the best he's had). *cries*

At least my Newsradio dvds arrived yesterday, although I was pissed about it because I had to go to Euston to pick them up and they made me pay a custom's charge. Can I complain about that in the amazon feedback thing? I THINK I CAN.

But the show is as funny as I remember! I love Phil Hartman so much and if it were possible I would kill the bitch who murdered him. Maybe I'll see her in hell and do it then. Is that even possible, Christians?

I read on imdb today that Lindsay Lohan wants to be Wonder Woman in Joss's movie. How do we feel about that? I, for one, don't think she has the chops. I'd love Gina Torres to do it actually (although that rumour was unfounded I believe). Who would yous guys like to play the part?

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