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"Lost star Evangeline Lilly has blasted criticism the cast of the hit TV drama look too glamorous to be real plane crash survivors. The 26-year-old model-turned-actress, who plays Kate Austin in the show, claims her character looks as realistic as possible because she's always covered in dirt and is not allowed to brush her hair during filming. She insists, "How I wake up is how my hair stays in the show. We wear almost no make-up and a lot of dirt and oil. They cover us in it. I'm disappointed that we come across as perfectly manicured and coiffed as my nails are always filthy, my hands are always scratched up and I've always got bruises all over my body. I think I look exactly how I would if I was genuinely stranded on a tropical island."

Who the hell is complaining about this? What is wrong with people? A very large part of why American television is so awesome is because it's full of extremely, ridiculously attractive babes. My God, if I want to see normal, ugly people, I just need to go outside and take a look around. Also? The programme is set on an island with ghosts. REALISM IS NOT ITS PRIORITY. Anyone criticising Lost for the hotness of the cast needs to shut the fuck up and go back to watching British soap operas.

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