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Television madness and pretty rentboys


Where the fuck is toadstoolsmiles? Who promised to be online ALL weekend, and then wasn't ONCE.

Yesterday I read porn all day. And then when my eyes started to hurt I watched the OC. Please please PLEASE tell me never to watch that piece of shit show ever again. Because I swear to god, I was in pain. I kept complaining to Hamish about it. "This is so BORING. And PREDICTABLE. And nothing ever CHANGES." And he was like, "turn it off," and I was all, "can't be bothered." Even the hotass is starting to piss me off. I mean, I *love* Rachel Bilson right. I *love* her. But last night I wanted to thump her and I wanted to pull Marissa's hair and I wanted to drop kick Adam Brody. The only one I wanted to have sex with was Ryan. It's that thing he does with his mouth where he doesn't move it very much when he talks. I like that.

laurab1 made me a gorgeous fabulous cover for Too Hot Not To Handle. Go admire! PRETTY (sort of worksafe - just a naked chest)


Everyone agrees that Clark makes a fabulous rentboy right?


But okay, there's really only one thing on my mind right now, so just bear with me while I completely freak out.


I haven't been this excited since I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHEN. Dudes. You're all watching it right? I have to wait until tomorrow morning before I can dl it but then my waiting is over. OVER. *DIES* 


So Wentworth Miller visits Metropolis and he's just finished filming PB S1 and he's in the mood for some serious partying. He hears about this exclusive club on the outskirts of town which has the hottest, most expensive trade in the city and he's in the mood to spend some of his hard earned dough in a place where no one knows him (PB isn't very popular in Metropolis).  He finds a booth and scans the room and spots the boy he wants. Six foor four, strong, prettiest face on earth and the air of a porn star. He won't be cheap.

But see, the boy spots him back and he's intrigued. Punters aren't usually so strikingly attractive as Wentworth and it's not long before they're accidentally on purpose at the bar at the same time. The boy introduces himself as Clark and asks Went if he wants to go to one of the rooms out back.

"How much?" 

Okay, so Clark could easily charge ten grand a blowjob, but he doesn't want to scare away the hot young actor. He'll do him for five hundy.

Out the back, Clark lets Went blow him, and it's the best blowjob he's had since that last fateful night he spent with Lex Luthor. Clark falls a little bit in love. 

"Let's get out of here," he whispers hoarsely. He doesn't want to feel like a prostitute tonight, and Went seems intelligent and his eyes are kind (and his MOUTH. Good LORD. He wants the entire NIGHT with that mouth and he won't charge neither).

Went is more than attracted to this jaded young man. He's captivated by him. He's already planning his next holiday to Metropolis as Clark sucks him off in the taxi.


Tags: actor: wentworth miller, character: clark kent, tv: general, tv: prison break, tv: smallville, tv: the oc
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