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Lazy Saturdays RULE.

I love lazy Saturdays the most! And it's been a good lazy Saturday oh yes.

First, I got out dvds I wanted to see. More on that in a second.

THEN, Tom - that's *my* Tom (tommy_chivs), not Tom Welling - got himself a livejournal account so he could comment more easily in my journal because he likes to talk about important things like porn. I win!

Movies seen today...

Because I'm shallow, I got out Into the Blue (I'm gay for Jessia Alba), which was SHITE. Pretty to look at and exciting on the surface but curiously boring as fuck.

And because I'm deep, I finally saw Cronenberg's A History of Violence. I'm a huge Cronenberg fan so I'm still pissed at myself for not seeing it in the cinema, and people, it was so awesome. Hardly anyone saw it but they should have, and if you're a Viggo fan, I'm here to tell you right now that you see his naked butt in this movie, and it's while he's having hot sex too. HOT SEX.

Off the scale HOT SEX.

Also, it's very smart and good and it's all about violence. *shocked* But in a good smart way.


A while back my colleague at work, Caroline, wanted to get rid of her Northern Exposure vidoes, because she'd replaced them all with dvds, and she pretty much insisted that I take them off her hands, but also, pretty much demanded that I pay her five pounds for them. Now, I've never seen Northern Exposure, nor have I ever wanted to see it, so my reaction to that was pretty much, I'll take 'em but I won't pay for 'em. I don't DO videos, thank you very much. Those days are over. I'll take 'em, but I won't be paying for nothing. And she threatened to try sell them on ebay yet never very seriously. She wanted my cash and she wasn't taking no for an answer.

Time passes and eventually she brings the videos in. I thank her and she tells me I can pay her whenever and I'm like, yeah I'll do that yeah. But I make a bit of fun of her when one of the profs in our department comment on the massive plastic bag full of bulkyass videos (videos, omg, who tries to sell freaking videos; it's the twenty first freaking century) by saying shit like, yeah, Caz doesn't want them anymore, neither do I, yet she wants me to pay for them.

Long story short is that I get the vids and she's too embarrassed to remind me about the money and I forgot about the fucking things anyway. Until tonight!

I just watched the pilot and I'm about to watch the next ep and so far I love it lots. I have nothing insightful to say ever do I.

HI TOM!!!!!
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