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Lovely, lovely Tommy.

The results of the poll were FASCINATING. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. And of course, you now realise, that because of archiving and whatnot and the fact that my journal isn’t flocked, your kinks are now public knowledge FOREVER.

I’d deeply sorry that I forgot to include a number of classic kinks, like fingering, incest, underage sex (which, hello SV and Harry Potter fandoms, is HOT), virgins, cunnilingus, genderswap etc etc.

Anyway! To celebrate I’m going to post a whole bunch of pretty pictures of Tommy, because he’s the prettiest, kinkiest, sexiest, filthiest, bestest porn star of all. And I think these are all pics I’ve never posted in my journal before. I found most of them here.

Ooh, and I even captioned. Because I am nice.

Can you say jail bait?

See, you can tell Clark is gay because of his lips. It's like a necessary fact of life that those lips belong around (Lex's) cock.

I wonder what he's thinking about? (shutup tommy detractors, he IS smart and CAN think) I surmise that he's thinking this: "You cannot AFFORD me."

Okay, he doesn't even look like he made the slightest effort here, and he's still off the scale beautiful.

Hello stubble. This is one of the greatest ever images of Tom, imo. Although I think that about quite a few Tom images so don't quote me.

It's the sweat glistening on his chin that rings my bell here. It could be saliva (Lex's).

Stubble and a little smile! That's gold right there.

This is Sunday morning Tommy. He's hanging out with you, eating pastries and drinking real coffee and you're about to play a game of rummy.

He is such a dork. But he's a dork with a long, muscular body.

How does he make flannel sexy? I don't even know.

Is he stoned?

That shirt on Tom is possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Oh god be still my heart. It's another sexy shirt that would look a lot better on my bedroom floor but which nevertheless looks HOT on Tom.

The earnest prettiness is almost unbearable.

I love Tommy in a lot of colours: blue, black, white. But there's something extra special about Tom in green. Probably something to do with the eyes.

A hand hanging between the legs is just fantastic. Do that more often, please.

What was that I was saying about his eyes?

I know I fetishize Tommy, but can you honestly blame me?


I mean COME ON.



Sexiest guy ever. He's gotta have a huge cock, right?


A classic! This is such a beautiful photo I felt compelled to include it.

What the fuck are you looking at?

If that doesn't put a smile on your face, you're probably beyond help.

THE HANDS! I love men with ginormous hands.

I pick YOU.  *blushes* Really? Me? Omg. Okay then. How much do you charge?

Why does he look good in those colours? WHY?

Holy fuck that's just INSANE. He's perfect.

I like how pale he looks here. It's striking.

This photo is just so amazing. So very very amazing.

Tommy should always be made to wear suits. Tie optional because although I love him wearing a tie, his neck is just so fucking lickable.

Clark: If you don't clean up your act Lex, the only time you'll be seeing THIS *points at ass* is when I walk out the door.
Lex: Clark, you're being unreasonable. Now turn around and bend over.

His eyes are unreal.

As is his smile.

That's it!
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