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Porn kinks

Okay, so I MIGHT talk about porn quite a lot this week. I certainly plan to talk about it right now. 

Which reminds me. If you're reading this journal and you're underage, DO NOT TELL YOUR PARENTS. Thanks.

Pete's pornos...

Firstly, I saw scene one of Beautiful Girls 13 last night and it was GOOD. And by good I mean FILTHY. The girl in it seemed retarded, but boy oh boy did she love cock. I was sort of wondering if her technique was actually any good though - I mean, sure, it's impressive to be able to fit two enormous penises in your mouth, but it's not like they were going in very far. So. The guys sounded like they were enjoying it, but I think they were just being nice. Not that this chick spoke English, so all their "yeah, suck my dick baby," went straight over her platinum blonde head. She had nice boobs though (real!) and she really loved getting ass fucked. WOW. One thing though, suga. You shouldn't let guys go from your ass to your pussy, unless you want to get cystitis.

On a serious note... 

Man, porn stars take a lof risks, you know? This chick got fucked every which way by two guys, neither of whom wore a condom at any point. Now that's cool with me because condoms aren't sexy and I prefer porn without them. But jesus fuck that's some unsafe sex, and yeah, I know they're meant to get HIV tested regularly, but just think. If you're a porn star, you risk getting STIs every time you do your job. Or a freaking urinary tract infection. OUCH.

Writing SV porn...

I've just finished a story which is off getting beta'd at the moment and I got thinking about my favourite kinks in porn. Which, if you read my stuff, you'll already know pretty well. Here's a few things that rock my world:

  1. Clark's alien abilities making him a) hornier than normal boys; b) able to have a lot more sex than normal boys. This one is *huge* for me. The idea that Clark can get hard again, straight after he's come, is a common theme in my stories. For good reason though (it's HOT). I even wrote a fic where he stayed hard and came a dozen times (he was in heat, natch) just because I love the idea so much.
  2. Clark naked. I honestly believe that Clark wears too many clothes on Smallville. He should be all naked all the time.
  3. Lex talking dirty. Which everyone is going to like, right? I mean, Lex's voice = ORGASM. 
  4. Anal sex. As much as I love blowjobs (and I have an icon to prove it), I do feel like the story isn't quite finished until someone gets fucked. (This applies to any porn, not just SV)
  5. Voyeurism. I haven't really written this, but I love the idea of someone (like Lana or Chloe) watching Clark and Lex fucking.

There's lots more but I'm tired and actually, what I really want to know about is YOUR kinks (SV or otherwise), because I already know mine so listing mine is boring to me. Plus, if you tell me yours, I might write 'em into a story at some point! Or failing that, I'll do some kind of poll!

Tags: clex, film, porn, tv: smallville, writing
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