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Cillian Murphy

How do I feel about Cillian Murphy now that I've watched Red Eye? And I don't mean as an actor, of course (I think he's pretty excellent actually) I mean as a sex symbol.

David Edelstein puts it well:

With his pallor, cut-glass cheekbones and glazed blue eyes, he's right on the border between dreamboat and spooky freak.

See, I don't really like his face all that much. He's like an alien. Sort of *nearly* pretty, but ever so slightly wrong. His features are all imperfect but together they kind of fool you into thinking he's beautiful. Check him out:

So for me, he's no pinup. I don't feel that rush of pleasure by just looking at him that, say, I do when I look at photos of Tom Welling or Wentworth Miller.


I fancy the fuck out of him. I find him, like, excessively porny. And what I mean when I say that is: I find it really easy to imagine him having filthy, nasty, kinky, hot sex. His odd sensuality is right on the surface, like a living, breathing *thing* and it's impossible to ignore. And in Red Eye, he shouldn't be sexy and he's not a traditionally sexy character, but I just kept thinking how nice it would be if he took all his clothes off and you know, fucked the living daylights out of Rachel McAdams, and yeah, it would start out as "noncon" but then she'd get into it, because all women want to be taken with force by creepy evil porny men with freaky eyes. Right? Anyway. Cillian has that quality. That thing that Tommy has and which has made Tommy the world's greatest porn star in my head. That quality that makes me watch Smallville and ask things like, "why are you wearing clothes?" And then I'll randomly accuse him: "If you didnt have to follow the script, you'd be on your knees right now with Lex's cock down your throat, wouldn't you." 

There's something much more menacing about Cillian though, but that works nicely. He's very intelligent and he likes to be in control and he's not the kind of guy who'll make love to you, he's the kind of guy (to quote Eddie Murphy) who'll fuck the shit out of you. And you'd just let him do whatever he wants. Your body is his playground. I think he'd be cold in bed. No pretense at romance, no whispered sweet nothings. He'd be cold as ice. And hotter than fire. Don't expect to be respected, expect to be ravished.

I don't think I found him porny in Batman but he was one of the few things about that piece of shit movie that I liked. And the only other thing I've seen him in is 28 Days Later, and he's naked a lot in that so I think I should probably watch it again. I remember liking the nakedness a lot.

What do you guys think? Does Cillian get you hot under the collar or does he make you want to run away screaming?
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