Kate (mskatej) wrote,

What have I done today?

While I wait for Chinese food to be delivered to me I'll tell you. I got up then didn't do anything at all and then I finally left the house at about 7 and I bought three bottles of wine (they have this deal right, where you get three for the price of two so of COURSE I always have to get three, even if I only want one, which I ususally do, but it's not like I'm not going to drink all three, I'm not weird [like my mother, who buys wine from vineyards and saves them until they're perfect - I'm talking years here, what? - and she has it all catalogued on her computer: the year, the grape, the vineyard, the premium time to drink it. Everything is catalogued with my mother. She has a video/dvd library which, if you felt like browsing you totally could OR you could look through her special folder with plastic wallets and read her alphabetical list of films/tv shows etc. She doesn't have a file for books because she has far too many, but I THINK she has a file on her roses]).

We got out two dvds - one was the 40 year old virgin, which is my new favourtie movie. Fuck, the food's here.  Yeah, if you haven't seen it you should. It's SO GOOD. I *cried* with laughter several times, but it's also one of those films where you go, omg, GREAT WRITING. Every character is a CHARACTER and it's not just hilarious, it's painful and moving and sweet and real and omg the EXTRAS! Probably some of the best extras I've ever seen and I haven't even seen the commentary yet. Next, we have Red Eye which I'm super excited about because I love Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy freaks me out with his pretty (although I don't think I fancy him i'm not sure). I have to go and eat and finish my bottle of cava now.
Tags: drunk, film, real life
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