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I love Becky.

It's Friday and GUESS WHAT.

I haven't written a goddamn thing. Actually, I wrote three paragraphs of an incredibly hot story that I've been mulling over for the past few weeks yesterday, but there was no porn in them so the paragraphs are unpostable. Sorry 'bout that.

HOWEVER, because I'm nice, I might write a porny drabble for the first person who prompts me with something I feel like working with. I encourage you to think up a scenario involving Clark, Lex and naked kinkiness. Or even Clark, Chloe and naked kinkiness. I reserve the right to not actually write anything though because I'm not sure I'm in the mood and I'm busy today. BUT I MIGHT.

Thankfully, toadstoolsmiles has come through for us this morning. She's a very talented artist, you see, who excels in MS Paint (it's true!) and she's drawn us all a very beautiful story which involves sex in the rain. Oh man. I can't even express how moved and turned on I was by this - yeah, I'm just gonna come right out and say it - this masterpiece:

Clark is in the Orchard...

And now a short but thinky poll which will reveal to me the kind of person you are.

Would you rather

have your questions answered?
have your answers questioned?
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