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Smallville! Show me your love!

There is nowhere near enough Smallville love being shown on LJ at the moment. NOWHERE NEAR. And it's not just me who thinks so. Everyone's obsessed with SGA and Joe's hair or SPN and brothers fucking. But what about the gayest show ever to grace our television screens, huh? WHAT ABOUT SMALLVILLE.

This is for my new friend literaryll who agrees with me, and for all you other quiet as mice SV fans on my flist who need a lil' bit o' encouragement from loudmouths like me to go nuts about the show. Our fandom ROCKS and our show KICKS ASS and there are SO MANY reasons why.  

And becuase I'm just one person and yes I'm super smart but I forget stuff occasionally, you have to help me prove to the world once and for all why SV is the best show ever. EVER! No bitching please, just show me LOVE.

1. It's got the hottest cast of any show ever.

Alright this is only three of them, but you get the idea. See, I don't really have time to be doing this so my pic collecting was fast and not precise and you can all just be grateful you're getting anything at all jeez.

2. It makes me happy

AWWWW. Of course it makes me happy! That's why I watch it! Seriously, I sit in front of the tv when SV's on and I squeal like a child on a sugar high. I get high on Smallville!! *bops*

Do you think these two get on in real life? They sure do look like best buddies here and I like to think that behind the scenes, SV is a big ol' love in. With lots of getting drunk together and making out. Like that time when Tom and Mikey got really wasted and ended up jerking each other off in the men's bathroom at that party. I read about that somewhere. In a magazine or something. It's totally true and you can tell people about it if you want.

3. Even the characters I'm not crazy about are insanely foxy

Yes, you can all please keep your traps shut while I indulge in a little Kristin spamming because honestly, the chick takes a hot photo. And besides, I've started to like Lana this season. Not CLANA mind you, because oh dear GOD they're being boring again. Ooh though, for a while there they were cute and then interesting.

You remember, right? When Clark was human, Clana was CUTE! Just for an episode. A solitary episode. After they'd had sex too, and then got caught. Ah, memories...

Yes. Clark and Lana finally fucked. THANK GOD. Really, they should have fucked in the first season, realised then that it was doomed because of a) Clark's raging homosexual obsession with Lex, and b) Lana's inability to orgasm at the hand of a big dumb alien. (She needs a rich experienced bald guy with a dangerous side. I didn't just say that. Shutup.)

'Member the Clana movement? When we all tried to imagine Clark and Lana fucking? I even wrote a story about it. You don't have to read it or anything - I'll just tell you the jist because it still pleases me. Clark and Lana are having sex and then Clark, who's gay, fucks Lana up the ass. The end. HAHAHAHAHA.

Why don't they make Lana look pretty like this in the show? She's so bland on the show but that's dumb because she's totally fucking exotic and she can even be *gasp* SEXY. Look:

Lana is at her best when she's not being Lana. I love that Vampire episode a lot because Lana is great at being a bloodsucking bitch.

She's so pretty it hurts.

4. Lois Lane is feisty and gorgeous and she's not *remotely* interested in Clark's secrets, which I adore.

When Clark does weird shit around Lois, it barely even registers. That's hilarious. I love the little touches of comedy that you occasionally get with SV and Lois is definitely a comedic character.


Are we liking the chemistry between her and Welling? I think we are, yeah.

I'm not sure why Lois is in Clark's life at this point but I'm surprisingly glad that she is because she brings out a side of him that I find incredibly sexy. Tommy might not be the greatest actor in the world but his comic timing is impeccable and I love his scenes with Lois because he gets to be funny. Mmmm.... funny Tom. *molests*

5. Lionel Luthor is MAGNIFICENT (and I hate his guts).

Why does he have to torture Lex? WHY? I HATE HIM SO MUCH. And yet... he's completely awesome.

And dude looks FLY in a suit.

6. Jensen Ackles baby! Too pretty for his own good, but that's the way we like 'im.

God, is there anything he's NOT in? What a slut.

Jason Teague started out as this really great sexy guy who wasn't fucking his mother and then WTF? It's like Jenny deliberately chooses parts that have him sleeping with family members, the sick puppy. God love him.

I think it would be impossible to say no to him. 

7. They might have fucked up Lana's character but they got Chloe totally right.

Chloe's smile is AWESOME.

Why doesn't Clark take her to bed for fuck's sake? I mean, she's *gorgeous* and *smart* and *sexy* and *fun* and they're best friends! And and and, okay, I know Clark is in love with Lex but he can never *have* Lex because he's all, oooh, what if people *judge* me. WhatEVER, pussy.  I digress. He needs to get over himself and have hot sex with Chloe (and possibly a strapon *g*).

Who's glad that Jonathan died and not Chloe? *waves hands in the air*

She's so fresh and shiny!


This is so very Chloe. So very very Chloe.

8. Lex Luthor is the sexiest evildoer in the whole universe. GOD. I will always, always, ALWAYS love Lex, no matter WHAT he does (or doesn't do) to Clark. 

Oh please. Bald shouldn't be so goddamn attractive.

Just. WHAT IS CLARK'S PROBLEM. I mean, I don't blame Clark entirely because honestly, Lex should frickin well know better. He should have made his move years ago and saved us all a lot of fic. I will never understand why SV isn't hardcore gay pornography. *boggles*

Dude. He's wearing lipstick!

Fucking hell it's the crouching thing again, which MR does better than ANYONE. My mouth just filled up with saliva.

9. Then ladies, we have the beautiful, sexy, porny, fabulous, male modelling, pudgier than he used to be but still just as hot, TOM WELLING.

I don't even get how beautiful he is. It's not even possible to be that hot, surely.

Thing is though, Welling is perfectly cast right. Because no HUMAN is that pretty. Therefore, he must be an alien. *nods*

Bedroom eyes. I should stop talking about how much I want to have sex with him and start talking about Smallville and how great it is. SMALLVILLE ROCKS THE MOST WOOOO HOOOOO!

Dude! He's wearing lipstick! (This show is sooooooo gay.)

For some reason I find Tommy with stubble to be about the sexiest thing that's ever happened to the world. And look, I won't hear a word against him as an actor. He's very convincing! And I think he's gotten better and better and and remember how good he was in Red! And in Heat! Oooh, and then in Exile! And in Transference! And in Splinter! I love him when he gets to play OOC because it proves that he's the best actor ever so there.

*sigh* I love him so much it's bordering on scary.

10. Because without SV I wouldn't even BE here.

And by "here" I mean LJ. And I can't even really express how much THAT means to me. I love being a part of this little fandom, I love writing porn, I love the people I've gotten to know and the people I haven't even met yet but that i know are just waiting for me to become friends with. I love the craziness of fangirls in general and how it was always missing in my life but now it's not and it's great and you guys are all fabulous and wonderful and cool and fun and funny and silly and clever and talented and GUH. 

Smallville, I owe you one. *twirls Smallville*

Now it's your turn! GO!

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