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Tolkien SUCKS.

I went out with a massive Tolkien fan for a long while a few years back. He was the smartest guy in his school and for his english book essay in his senior year he insisted on writing about LotR because he loved the books so much and if I ever tried to say that tolkien was a shitty writer he would sulk and be angry and a dick and I loved the movies and then a friend - a "friend" - of mine gave me the books for my birthday and I got through the first one but it was HARD because it was SO BORING and whilst surfing lj I found a *great* essay on why Tolkien sucks ass. I'm very happy because he's right and he's just SO RIGHT and I love it when people who are smarter than me explain my feelings.

To Survive, We Must Kill Our Father: The Wretchedness of Tolkien

by theferrett
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