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The oscars; Clooney; Your ultimate threesome

Wow, taking a day off from the computer to watch television has bitten me in the ass. I'm busy at work for the first time in ages and my flist is choc full and I guess I'll be catching up with that tonight then.

A couple of things are on my mind right now. The Oscars right. Which I never ever get to see because A) they show them in the middle of the night on a channel I don't have, B) I don't give a flying fuck about them; they NEVER award the best films/actors EVER so I don't take them at all seriously. So I just find out the results and go, omg. You fuckwits. This year was totally predictable - I got them all right except for Crash winning because I honestly thought they'd give it to Brokeback Mountain (which btw, I didn't think was all that amazing *koff*notgayenough*koff*) and actually I didn't bother going to Crash because SZ rubbished it and she's always right, so obviously it won because of the worthy subject matter (racism is bad apparently - thanks for hitting us over the head with that message, Crash. Am I allowed to diss a film I haven't seen?) I'm pleased that PSH won because he's fantastic and a much, much better actor than Heath Ledger (although nowhere near as hot) and I'm pleased about Reese because Walk The Line rocked SO MUCH and she was wonderful. Rachel Weisz was very good yes and George won, which OMG YAY.

George. I was reading a long interview with him in my Sight and Sound mag this morning and it occurred to me that everyone loves George Clooney and if you don't love him there's probably something wrong with you. I remember my mother talking about him a few years ago and the expression on her face: a sort of dopey smile, glazed eye, dreamy voice thing going on. And my dad - nodding and agreeing. Yes, men love George too. And last night, I was at Hilary's house and she asked me if Syriana is meant to be good and I was like, yeah, I think it is (actually I've read very little about it but I've decided that it's going to be awesome so I'm spreading the word) and then she got all teary eyed and started talking about how much she loves George, and really, the George love is off the scale and rightly so. Who doesn't love him? Anyone? Is there anyone here who doesn't love him and if so, what the hell is wrong with you why?

Then Hilary started talking about this photo she saw of Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenhaal and she says that that's it. She's found her ultimate threesome and then she asked me what my ultimate threesome is and I didn't hesitate at all,

"Tommy and Mikey."

*blank look*

"Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum."

*patient look*  "You're not allowed to choose anyone from Smallville."

WTF? "I guess I can't choose anyone from Supernatural either then."

*blank look*

"Can I have Wentworth Miller?"

*blank look* "Who's he?"

"Prison Break."

Hilary nods enthusiastically. She likes Wentworth. "Yes, I suppose you can have him."

"Okay, I'll have Wentworth Miller and Matt Damon and because Wentworth is gay, when I get tired I'll be able to watch them fuck." *is so smart*

This post is way too long, but tell me, who's your ultimate threesome? And you can't choose anyone from the WB because apparently they're not "real" stars. WHATEVER HILARY. But I'm enforcing her lame rules because otherwise everyone will just tell me they want a threeway with MR/TW or JA/JP and that's boring. Ooh, and if you're interesting enough, I might design a super cool poll, which I know will thrill the fuck out of you all.

Tags: film, sex, stupid
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