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I'm still hyper so I'm posting TWICE today. YAY! I have so many things going on that it's essential, I promise.

First of all, it's SNOWING. Not much mind you, but enough for me to want to comment on it.

Secondly, I now have plans tonight as WELL, which is just INSANE. I seem to have rediscovered my social life, much to the relief of London. Because I am a lotta fun. And tonight's plans are very adult and exciting and drunken. My friend Jon is having a wine tasting at his house in Marylebone (such a nice house although he makes me smoke out the window, pah) and there are going to be blindfolds involved. Kinky! It'll be a blindfolded wine tasting extravaganza! Tom will also be there so I get double the Tom this weekend and I don't even mind going out tonight because fucking America has decided to take yet ANOTHER break from Smallville. *glares at all Americans*

I forgot to wash my hair this morning so it's not very clean.

My new top is so sexy I would totally jump myself if it were possible.

I have a new tv boyfriend, which I think brings the total up to seven (TW, MR, JP, JA, WM, HL, JS). Dr Chase right. Last night's v v good episode of House in the uK was the one where Chase fucks Cameron, who's just taken a bunch of drugs (crystal meth or E or both or something) and it was SO HOT. I dont' find her in the least bit sexy but I love how amoral Chase is. He didn't give a FUCK that Cameron was high, he was all, yep, I'll fuck you. And he's VERY pretty and he has a hot body and I think I might have been resistant to him previously because he's Australian and being a New Zealander, there's a rivalry thing going on always (who has the worst accent?!) and I think I must have deliberately refused to be attracted to Chase but I've seen the light. He would definitely get it. I fancied him even more than I fancied House last night, and trust me when I say, I FANCIED THE FUCK OUT OF HOUSE. Ol' blue eyes. Is he going bald? I don't even care.

I'm almost positive that this is the funniest thing I've read all day: Rotation Of Earth Plunges Entire North American Continent Into Darkness

I have been shopping on Amazon for the past month and still haven't bought anything although my shopping basket is slowly filling up. Poolhall Junkies is a definite and I think I'm going to buy the first two seasons of Newsradio because about ten years ago I thought it was the most hysterical thing ever and you know, *sniffs* Phil Hartman (RIP), so it's sort of a good thing to own, no? You can't get it in this country but I think I'll get an american version of it because I have two dvd players, one of which can play american dvds.

I totally need to shut the hell up now or I swear I never will. It's only 2.15pm and I am BORED and don't feel like being at work and omg, all I want to do is read good porn. Feel free to write me comment porn, anyone. Or tell me about your tv boyfriends. Or why you think NZ is better than Australia. Or what the funniest thing you've read today is. Or what you think about Newsradio (is it as funny as I remember?). Or if you'd like to jump me and my new top. Or what you're doing tonight. Or whether you like wearing blindfolds. Or if you like snow.

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