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Supernatural Episode Daddy's Home

Supernatural ROCKED this week. Every single conversation in it was about sex, right? RIGHT.

And it was very emotional and scary and although papa's visit ended up being pointless (he came, he got the crap beaten out of him, he disappeared again, indefinitely because... yeah, whatever) I loved all of the interaction between the boys. *sniff* I am broken. And now nan's story makes even more sense and is even SADDER which I didn't think possible. Mostly though, it was just erotic. I especially enjoyed blonde psycho humping a tied up and bloody Sam. What did he say to her? "Carry on. I'd touch you too but I'm a little tied up." YEAH YOU ARE.

My main problem at the moment is I don't know who I find hotter.

Sam: has the best hair ever (after TW of course)
Dean: is cheeky and cracks my shit up constantly
Sam: his voice is teh sex
Dean: when he cries and his eyes get all wet and shit, I want to jump him and make him all better
Sam: is very tall
Dean: has a sexy car
Sam: climbs good
Dean: thinks about sex, like, ALL THE TIME
Sam: does too, but he won't admit it
Dean: has sex with hot police women
Sam: is a total PERV OMG.
Dean: is very very very pretty
Sam: is clever as fuck
Dean: has the street smarts
Sam: had blood all over him
Dean: did too!

I'll stop there because it could get silly but the results are in and hello... IT'S A DRAW!

One day I may stop being fickle but then the world would probably come to an end. YAY SPN!
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