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Wentworth Love

Monday night television continues to please the fuck out of me. Although I've taken to watching Supernatural on Sundays at nine instead of Mondays at 11 because I gets tired and can't appreciate the pretty as much as I should. Also? Hamish watches all these shows with me and he tolerates Smallville because he thinks Lois is hot and even though he won't admit it, I know he finds Lex to be super sexy cool. He's already a fan of Prison Break because I made him watch my downloads when I first discovered the show, but what's really funny is, HE LOVES SUPERNATURAL. Okay, but I'm sorry, SV is a better show, isn't it? I think so. But apparently SPN appeals more to boys! (Nan, your hubby's an spn fanboy, right?) It's a lot less gay, I suppose, but still, it's not as good. IT'S NOT. Smallville is so awesome, even when it sucks. This introduction got long and I still haven't said everything I want to say. Alright, so I'm doing my usual freakout over how completely hot Tom Welling is and how Lex is the sexiest thing ever invented (much to my flatmates' amusement), then Prison Break comes on and I suddenly realised that I don't give Wentworth nearly enough love which is just wrong because HOLY FUCK he's a hotass. So I'm doing a Wentworth picspam today, and please try not to melt.  (51 pics altogether, not captioned because how many times and ways can you say, I WANT TO FUCK THIS PERSON? Exactly.)

OMG. Give him some more heroin because he looks HOT when he's wasted.

So THAT'S how they do it.

Tags: actor: wentworth miller, picspam, tv: supernatural
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