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*slaps self*

Omg I almost forgot! The completely lickable laurab1 made me the most fantastic cover for No Choice, the Clark in heat fic I wrote for the last Porn Friday! Go looky at how awesome it/she is! HERE

What's most pleasing to me is that she used lyrics from the Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire, which A) is a kickass song by B) a great, great singer and c) featured in my favourite film of the last forever, Walk The Line and D) is completely PERFECT for the theme of the story. I'm just ecstatic about it. *rejoices*

And while I'm spamming my flist, I was wondering if I could maybe trouble any of you wonderful icon makers out there for a little favour. I really want some Porn Friday icons - nothing fancy, just a porny Clark/Tom or Lex/Mike or Clex image would do. One image I love behind the cut, but there are plenty out there I know, if you have the time or inclination to look for them (I don't right now I is busy)...

I would KILL for an icon of this photo. HOW PORNY IS HE? It's off the scale I can't even deal with it.

Tags: art for me, porn fridays
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