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If you were an evil demon, how evil would you be?

Last night I watched the doppelganger episode of Supernatural on TV here, which I quite like actually, despite it being stupid. Is there an internal logic to the SPN world? NOPE DON'T BE DAFT.
It's pretty much, oooh, what's a neat idea for a monster this week? Answer: it can clone people by looking at them. What can it do? It can *become* the person (or an evil version of the person) just by thinking really hard. The writers look around at each other excitedly, and no one bothers saying, uh that's insane you guys! That's the kind of monster my retarded five year old kid would come up with!

Okay, I'll stop bitching. Frankly, I loved that the cloning demon can download Dean's memories. Hee. Because then we got Jensen acting evil and sleazy and beating the crap out of Jared and I won't lie, incest might not be my bag but guys with blood all over them SURE AS HELL IS.

Focus, Kate. Right, so I was thinking, if I was an evil demon who had the power to double up as anybody for however long (let's pretend I don't have to shed my skin and live in the sewers because EW), what... oh what would I do...? (This is SO EASY)

I would travel the world, take the place of the girlfriends/boyfriends/wives/husbands of all the hot guys/girls I want to have sex with, and then, like, I would have *lots of sex*. With Tommy and Wentworth and Jared etc etc etc.

I realise that this doesn't sound especially evil but it is because what would happen after I was done with them is they'd have lunch with their significant other and Tom would be all, wow, last night was the best sex ever. You were amazing; much much better than usual. And she'd go, what the fuck are you talking about, I was out with my mother all night. And then they'd break up and Tom would probably go completely insane because he doesn't understand how he can remember it so vividly but she can't, and then no one lives happily ever after (except me MWAHAHAHA).

What would you do with that power?
Tags: stupid, tv: supernatural
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