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Garlic, drunk guys and my dream boyfriend (Dean)

I went out last night, to an Argentinian steak house with some girlfriends and I ate lots of dripping red meat (yum!) and everything in it had lots of garlic, and then we went to the pub next door and I got groped a LOT by a relatively attractive drunk man. He looked not unlike Richard Ashcroft from The Verve and even though I hate the Verve, he was sort of my type in terms of looks (I'd spotted him before he'd spotted me). But omg, he was SO DRUNK and therefore not the best company, although I did allow him to kiss me at one point and he was a very good kisser, and apparently not bothered by garlic. He was wearing an awesome leather jacket, which I complimented him on and he says, "guess how much it cost?" And I start the bidding at £300, and he's all, "don't be ridiculous. Higher."

Me: £600
Him: Higher
Me: £1000
Him: Higher
Me: £1500
Him: Higher
Me: £2000
Him: Higher
Me: £2500
Him: Higher
Me: Just tell me

So he leans in and whispers into my ear and it's like he's telling me the secret to eternal life. Sixteen hundred pounds.

Um. RIGHT. Is he stupid or just not listening to a word I'm saying?

Whatever. He kept saying things like, "What are we going to do about this?" (Meaning his insane desire to take me home.) And I'm like, "Uh, NOTHING. I'm going home. You're too drunk anyway." But he tricks me into giving him my number (he gave me his then made me call him) and then he called me at 8.30am this morning. It's Sunday and I was fast asleep, having an excellent dream  (see below) and I didn't answer the phone. But now, I just found out that he called one of the girls I was out with because for some reason he had *her* number too and asked her for *my* number, despite already having it, saying he was very sorry about last night. He was drunk and doesn't remember much but he does remember me.

Which is quite sweet. But see, my predicament is this. I don't think I should necessarily judge him for his behaviour last night because he was horribly, horribly drunk, but at the same time, men who can't hold their booze don't impress me. (Women who can't, don't either, fyi.) If getting that drunk turns you into a gropey fuckwit, DON'T GET THAT DRUNK. So I might call him. He has lots of sexy scars which kind of do it for me. And the jacket really was awesome.

My dream

I was on some sort of quest with Dean and Sam, and then - and I really don't know why I had this with me - I gave Dean my black leather jacket with the red stitching that I used to wear all the time when I was 19 but which is way too big for me, and it looked amazing on him and then we made out for ages and he became my boyfriend. He's an excellent kisser, btw. Sam sort of didn't really feature in the dream but I assume he was there, but there were a lot of chicks I didn't know in it and they all hated me but I didn't care because Dean was my boyfriend. I nearly died a few times because the quest was very dangerous so it was both intense and also, Dean was my boyfriend.
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