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Good morning, Friday!

As it turns out, my picspaming of the results of The Poll was woefully premature. 197 people took part in the end and Jensen Ackles won by a landslide. Whatever. I find Jared way hotter and no one beats Tommy. 

But see, *my* flist got it nearly right and the picspam results reflect that. This journal's all about Smallville after all! I mean, really, I don't even know most of the people who took the poll! Apparently the community at large thinks Jensen is the best thing since sliced bread. But YOU GUYS are devoted to Mikey. *beams*


It's Friday, yes. That means you want porn I'm sure. Hmmm. It's half written? I'll try to finish it today and post it later, time permitting. Becky is grumpy and I want to cheer her up so I really should get cracking on that. As ever, it's plotless and pointless and Clark is on(in) heat and he makes Lex his bitch. Just saying that out loud made my day right there.

And now, a happyful picture of me! 

Tags: actor: jensen ackles, picspam, polls, porn fridays, real life
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