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(ETA: the results keep changing as people keep voting, fyi. I prolly shoulda waited till tomorrow to post the results, but I'm impatient so bite me.) Okay, so here are the results of my evil poll from earlier today, in picspam form! QUITE INTERESTING. At first, the Smallville boys kicked serious butt, but thanks to estrella30 who was all teary eyed about Jensen losing so badly, a bunch of brand new people came along and helped the JenMeister out. CRAZY. Let’s count down to one and we’ll start with the girls.

With no votes whatsoever, and my opinion on why...

Mischa has an almost freaky beauty about her. She looks kind of like an alien and she's really fucking skinny. I had a lot of fun looking for pictures of her because she's amazing to look at but it wasn't easy finding pics where she looks fuckable. I chose this one because I love her naturalness in it, her beautiful freckly skin ane her gorgeous eyes.  She didn't get my vote (or anyone's) but I'd still do her.

With 1 vote...

That's Jennifer Aniston btw, and okay, I haven't loved her since about S8 of Friends, but man, I *loved* her so much for a while. I thought she was the funniest, coolest, sexiest actress on television. And she has amazing breasts.

With 2 votes...

I don't reckon enough of you have seen The L Word because Karina Lombard is incredibly sexually attractive. You look at her and sex is pretty much all you can think about.

You can hate Lana if you want but there is no denying the deliciousness of Kristin Kreuk when she's all sexy posing like this. I love her in black so much. Lana should really become a witch full time (or a vampire) and then only wear black and lots and lots of eye makeup.

Oooh, can I just sneak this next pic in because I found it today and I never thought I'd find a pic of Kristin and Tom hot but seriously. Check this out.

With 3 votes...

Jennifer Garner was my second choice. I find her body to be the absolute hottest female body on television.

With 4 votes...

Well whaddaya know. Lois beat Lana. And okay, I can't argue with those lips. Don't try to make me.

Lovely Sarah. She's just a little package of perky blonde sexbomb! I adore her and my love for her will never wane because she was Buffy.

The divine Rachel Bilson. Maybe she was my second choice. I don't even know anymore.  I mean LOOK AT HER. This photo is the sex.

Tricia Helfer is one of the reasons I have pledged my eternal love to Battlestar Galactica. She's almost unreasonably hot.

With 6 votes...

She's earthy and gorgeous and tough and a little dangerous.

With 7 votes...

Okay, seriously. I can't even get OVER how hot Jessica Alba is. And because she's my number one choice, she gets another picture.

She kills me dead with how beautiful she is. GOD.

With 8 votes...

This is Katherine Moennig and anyone who watches The L Word probably puts her at the top of their list, or maybe she's your second choice. She's certainly my second choice. It's that extreme sexual magnatism thing that actually very few actors possess (MR's a good example of someone who has it).

Hello. Who *wouldn't* hit that?

And then, amazingly, in a tie to end all ties, we have, with 14 votes each, the winners, by a landslide...

The absolutely fabulous Gina Torres, and my second choice. As someone pointed out in the original thread, Gina's a *woman*, not a girl. Fucking A. She can whip me into shape ANY TIME.

Allison Mack! Who woulda thunk it? Not me, that's for sure. I am DELIGHTED that Ally tied for first place because she IS sexy and cool and cute and smart and pretty and you just *know* she's a firecracker in the sack. YAY!

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

The boys!!!! (much less evenly spaced)

With no votes...

What the hell is wrong with Ben McKenzie? He's short, yes, but he's gorgeous! And completely sexy! *cuddles Ben*

With 1 vote...

At least one person likes you, Adam Brody. You funny, sexy boy. Why is he wearing an ACDC teeshirt and why the fuck is that so hot?

When I put David in here, he had no votes, so yay for getting a vote, baby! You ARE still a babe.

I always use this picture of Matthew Fox, dont I. Every time. But LOOK. He's all WET. *dies again*

With 2 votes...

I'm so pleased Hugh got votes because House is one of my tv boyfriends and everyone knows he's hot even though they don't understand why. Well, I do get it actually. His eyes, his brains, his wit, his grumpiness. He's the perfect man.

Buffy's not on anymore but when it was, James woulda cleaned up in this poll. There were more websites dedicated to Spike than to any other character in television for a while there (maybe there still are). I heard that somewhere so it must be true.

I love this photo of Jamie Bamber! I think he suits longer hair. Look at that sexy smile and those EYES. Just yes.

TWO VOTES? Wtf is that all about. He's the most fuckable thing to come along since Tom Welling and I''m pissed about this, I really am. You're all fired.

Well yeah, there's no getting around the fact that Josh Holloway is a giant bundle of YES PLEASE GIVE ME SOME. He makes me horny.

Nathan Fillion is a real man. He's manly. A bit like Matthew Fox is manly, but in his own Nathany kinda way. His voice makes me want to do bad things.

My second choice. Oh God. Wentworth. I'm sorry I didn't pick you, I really am. You're the best thing to happen to me in forever and I love you so very very much, please forgive me. And also, because I feel bad, I just have to post this pic too...

I stumbled across this today and I swear to god I don't think I've ever seen anything so incredibly gay in all my life. You're a winner, Went, and don't let anyone tell you different.

With 7 votes...

I don't even watch SGA but this photo of Joe Flanigan makes me feel all warm and tingly. I'm liking his mouth a LOT.

Tied, with 19 votes each...

Jenny did good. Yes he did. Well done, cutie. I *love* him in this pic. He's so intense and GUH.

Um. HOW IS HE NOT THE HOTTEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN? I just feel dizzy from looking at him, and this photo? Is possibly the horniest, sexiest, most *beautiful* photo ever taken. Tommy is my number one and just GAH! I am devoted to him.

And the winner! With an amazing TWENTY ONE VOTES! The fabulous, the delectable, the very very silly...

Michael Rosenbaum!!!!!!

What can I say about Michael Rosenbaum that hasn't been said before? That *I* haven't said before? He's LEX. That alone makes him one of the all time most fuckable men on the freaking planet. You already know this is my favourite Mikey photo because it's in my awesome banner, but really, it can never be looked at enough. That's the thing about MR. He OOZES sex. He's really quite miraculously pretty as well, but in an unusual way, and I think it's his unusualness that makes him so sexy. His head is perfect. He should always shave it. His mouth is... it's just *dirty*. And his voice? Well. You voted for him, so you know ALL ABOUT THE VOICE. He wasn't my first, or even my second choice (it's Lex who owns my loins, not MR), but I couldn't be happier that he won the poll from hell. *does the victory dance with Mikey*

Thanks again everyone! You are all fabulous!
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