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The Great Write Meme!!

Yeah, that fucking thing makes me want to puke. A lot of amazingly talented writers on my flist have signed up for it and I get it, I do. Maybe someone will say something constructive that will help you improve your writing (even though you're already completely awesome) but this is how I feel about it and this is why I would never sign up to get flamed like I've seen some great writers getting flamed in this thread.

You don't like that I only write porn? You want me to do longer, plottier shit? You think I'm shallow? You think all my stories are too similar? You think I don't describe things in enough detail?

I KNOW, ASSHOLE. GO FUCK YOURSELF. I'm well aware of my limitiations, I'm well aware of where I need to improve, I'm well aware that my fic doesn't appeal to everyone. But you know what? I DON'T CARE. 

All I want in terms of feedback is "That was hot, I love you." And then quote me. I have a beta who kicks my ass and tells me when things don't work and what needs improving. Having some anonymous fucker "constructively" telling me that they find my stories boring just makes me want to KILL THINGS.

Sorry. I didn't even care until I read some of the comments which just really wound me the fuck up. I'm sure you guys who did it are getting lots out of it or whatever, but I have to second acampbell on this: I don't know how to write better than I already do. And the only way to improve, from where I'm standing, is to keep writing and reading and listening to my beta. 

Grrr. Right. I need something to calm me down.

I dreamt last night that I went to a party with Clark and he was wearing a suit. Then my trainers got stolen (the black, leather adidas trainers with the pink logo, from New York, which I wear every day and am in love with) and I asked Clark to use his xray vision so he could find them for me, but he was all distracted and pretty much useless (although insanely hot in his suit) and Chloe was acting all weird and like she was in love with Clark and I was all, "I'm in love with him too! Back off!" And then I found my trainers under a table and I woke up.
Tags: character: clark kent, writing
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