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I am on heat.

Seriously. No think about it. I wrote three stories last week, all porn. Yesterday I spent the entire day reading porn. I read porn until my eyes hurt and I had to wrench myself away from the computer. Then this morning I nearly got run over by two *really hot* guys driving an SUV. This rocked. Late twenties, early thirties, smart but in that street smart kinda way as opposed to academically smart. They have their own business, doing something with their hands. Crew cuts, but they get away with them because they're so charming (and hot). And I couldn't be mad because as they drove slowly by me the driver made puppy dog eyes and mouthed "sorry" at me, and the guy in the passenger seat smiled at me and he had omg the most beautiful smile ever and flirty eyes, and I smiled back and they drove off forever and all I could think was, "I would have sex with both of you right now."

I also have on brand new sexy jeans. All I can think about is sex and I'm in a constant state of mild excitement. This happens to me maybe a couple of times a year and it's insane. Also, fun. I think I'll need to go out a lot for the next week or so.

I did go out on Saturday! Well, Ewan came over for dinner and we went to my local. But still! I went out! I got told by the geordie guy we were chatting with, and Ewan agreed with him, that I have "mucky eyes". Hee. This means that you can tell by looking at my eyes that I'm a dirty hor. I was all, "Bingo."

Acutally the point of this post is the following poll, because Ewan was talking to me about some girl he's trying to score or whatever and then he starts telling me about his yoga class and I crack up and laugh at him and tell him that he's not allowed to mention his yoga to girls he's chatting up and he's all, wtf is wrong with yoga, it's better than guys who do martial arts, and I laughed at him more then I promised him I'd poll LJ about this (he likes to read my journal when he's drunk).

So tell me, ladies, hehehehe, do men who do yoga get you hot under the collar?

Guys who do yoga

OMG so not hot, please
I'm not judgemental like you are, Kate

Guys who do martial arts

Only awesome if he has a black belt
If they mention that they do karate during our first conversation I know he has a small cock
I'm not judgemental like you are, Kate
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