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InstaRec! Best porn ever.

I'm actually seconding a rec from norwich36's LJ (she's been reccing good clex smutfics for the past 19 days and we all love her for it).

But this story I just have to talk about because it's that good. I said in Norwich's journal that it's almost *unbearably* hot from start to finsih. This is porn at its very best. You know when you're reading smut that's so hot and you get *totally* excited and you actually giggle out loud? That's how incredible this smut is.  She uses the word "penis" and makes it hot. I bow down to this writer. It's set when the boys were still good friends, so it's really sweet and hilariously funny too.  My favourite! Lex is just perfect in it - funny and sexy and clever.  God how I love horny Clark. And, fyi, my icon (made for me by the delectable duskwillow) is very appropriate.

The basic story: Chloe puts makeup on Clark (it makes perfect sense, don't worry), he gets so completely turned on by it (as does she) that when she's done and she reluctantly leaves the barn, he starts jerking off, only to be caught by Lex (ah, my favourite scenario!). That's all you need to know - it is indescribeably erotic and wonderfully witty. GAH!

The author is FayRay and the story is Space Oddity (love that title) and thank fuck, it has a sequel, called The Man Who Fell To Earth. Believe me when I say, you'll be relieved about that sequel.
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