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SV S5 Cyborg

Why is Martha suddenly retarded? Didn’t she used to be smart? Whatever. I want her to have dirty sex with Lionel the end. "If you need a ride in the future… Anything..." Hee. Jesus, Lionel. Could you BE any sleazier? Lionel is sort of cute now, isn't he. Are you scared of him? I'm not. But Martha/Lionel = new OTP. Or.... Martha/Jorel!Lional. I don't even know anymore!

Clex is alive and KICKING my friends. And I LOVE that Clark was all accusey and he was *right*. And Lex was all "fuck you, pretty boy." *dies of happiness* But they are in LOVE with each other. Clark has no trust left, yes, I'll give you that. But that's because Lex is a very very naughty boy who shouldn't be trusted. The fact that Clark is so very very *mad* at Lex just displays how *much* he cares (I'm reaching I know shutup). And Lex lying to Clark is CLASSIC. Oh God. Lex is Lex LUTHOR now and he's so clever and hot. Everything Lex did in this episode made me think of sex. He is the sexiest badboy to ever walk the planet OMG.

Clark. I love Clark to the point of forgiving him everything, but he has a lot to learn about how to be polite dammit. And Lex was so very right to walk out on him at the end of the episode. Weirdest thing was that I was more on Lex's side than Clark’s, *even though* Clark was in the "right". This was possibly because Lex's pov wasn't one dimensionally evil and was, in fact, an interesting perspective, but I actually think it was more about MR being a hotass. Seriously.

Clana = omg repetitive. Why is Lana STILL harping on at Clark about their "problems"? Didn't she dump his ass? I don't get them and it's clearly a case of we-will-never-let-clana-die syndrome, which the entire creative seems to be infected with. WHATEVER. I don't care about them, never have, never will.

Guest actor was fine, although I didn't care about him, which was weird, because I *wanted* to care about him yet there was something about the performance that left me cold. His chemistry with TW was seriously gay though.

I wish they'd used Maria Callas’s Costa Diva at the end. *is listening to it right this second*

Such another cool addition to a great season, I have to say. I'm impressed (and still horny).
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