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The news SUCKS but blowjobs RULE

I try to avoid reading/watching the news because it's depressing right. It's all death death death murder rape death death war death crime death death babies being raped ears being cut off old ladies being beaten up death crime crime death death natural disasters politicians being cunts the public being morons death death rape death death. And this never fucking changes so I hate the news.

But then sometimes I find myself reading a newspaper, like this morning on the tube, and I'll catch up on shit, and a story will spring out at me that just fills me with annoyance.

For fuck's sake.

How can you put on Romeo and Juliet in a school and not include any physical intimacy? WTF? What is this teaching children? That *all* touching is about sex. Even though they are only *acting* as though they're in love with someone, this apparently could be construed as abusive. This obsession with trying to "protect" our children from abuse is out of control. The English are not a tactile people anyway - some say they're repressed, but we're turning our kids into perverts. You know what? Not all dads who like to touch their kids want to fuck them. Not *everything* - and it may surprise you to hear this from me - is about sex. Jesus.


Other than that, I'm very excited because it's FRIDAY and because I had TWO breakfasts this morning and because I get to see Smallville tonight and I can hardly contain my excitement. Hamish told me I have to go out this weekend and he's probably right. I haven't been out in ages really - not properly. But not tonight, people! Tonight I stay in and watch Smallville and YAY. 

This morning I couldn't stop thinking about Clark giving Lex a blowjob. I thought about it ALL MORNING. I'm very horny now. And seeing as it's Friday and Fridays used to be all about porn, I may have to type out that blowjob at some point because seriously, it was HOT. They love each other very much. Ooh, and Lana walked in on them and she was all, WTF is going on, oh right, yeah, this explains a LOT, and the boys were all, BUSTED, shit, should we run after her or should we just go upstairs and fuck? I think you guys know the answer to that question. 

*tap dances*
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