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The sales are on in London, and I got sucked into them on Saturday by mistake. After buying a fabulous pair of glittery pink kitten heeled slip ons (*sighs happily*), I was delighted to find Firefly finally down to a reasonable price.

After watching the first 20 minutes of the pilot I wasn't convinced I would like it, but I'm about six episodes in now and depressingly hooked. It's a bitter sweet experience watching this show and falling deeply, hopelessly in love with Nathan Fillion, knowing it's nearly over, knowing all I have to look forward to is the movie. Then nothingness.

What is wrong with the world of TV, when toss like Star Trek (because of its millions of insane fans) can churn out seven long seasons worth of bullhsit, again and again - and I know what I'm talking about because, thanks to an ex boyfriend, I have seen Every. Single. Episode of Next Gen - and this wonderful, funny, exciting, brilliant Joss Whedon creation gets canned after 14 episodes? That's so fucked up I could cry. I probably will cry when I'm done watching the series.

Did I mention how much I love Nathan Fillion? Good *God* he's sexy. As Caleb, he was charismatic, sure, but too scary to be attractive to me. As Mal, he's the perfect man. The entire cast is pretty fantastic actually, not that I'm surprised. Joss, yet again, proves he's a fucking genius without equal. I wonder who writes good Firefly fan fiction... I'm on the hunt.
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