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Actually, one of them is an ANTI Valentine, which is perfect because boo sucks to you Valentine's Day! Mariana is the other girl in my office (who got married at 21, to a guy I haven't met but who I feel very sorry for) and I HATE her because she's AWFUL, and she asked me the other day, all excitedly, what I was doing for Valentine's Day and I think I might have actually *hissed* at her. Look people. I love being single and I can't even imagine being in a relationship, like, omg EVER. But I'm also an optimistic, romantic fool and I just *know* that at some point, I'll fall completely in love with the perfect man and he'll fall in love with me and we'll live happily ever after. But until then, don't taunt me like you're better than me, you hideous, annoying fuckhead. Urgh. The one day of the year when it sucks to be single and Mrs omg-could-my-voice-be-any-louder-or-more-unpleasant Argentinian Bitchface has to question me about it. Normally I ignore her (I'm good at ignoring people who bore/irritate me) but seriosuly, FUCK OFF.  /end mini flipout

More importantly, the fabulous feliz581 got me this and I love her so much for it, because. Well yes. It's just very true:

And some gorgeous anonymous person gave me a rose, which you can see in my user info. I'm doing better this year than I have in the last three put together! LJ ROCKS YAYYY!

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