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SV S5 Tomb

Slightly different tonight. I made notes during. Hee. I'm quite drunk too, but I think I make some salient points. All in all, fuck me Smallville is the greatest show on earth and I am about dying of happy right now.

Jonathan is still in the credits, smiling away and very much alive. That seems wrong to me somehow. They need to change the credits. Seriously. He’s dead. And seeing him smiling and giving me the thumb’s up is just out of order – it’s like he’s taunting me from the grave.

Clark loves Chloe so much. That was made abundantly clear throughout the episode and I'm very much a fan of their friendship.

But I have to ramble about the Martha/Lionel scene.

Oh my god. Martha brings out the human, the *man*, in Lionel. The way he is around her just thrills me. He so very obviously respects her and I think possibly even *loves* her. He’s just different. He’s more attractive around Martha than he is around anyone else and that’s what makes these two a compelling pairing because she *responds* to that. Oh my god.  Martha likes Lionel’s presence. He’s so there. That doesn’t explain it properly. Um, okay, it’s like with everyone else, Martha isn’t quite present. She’s shut away inside her grief and not even Clark can really penetrate. But around Lionel, there’s something… It’s like it feels like she’s fully participating in it, like being in his company is the one thing that make her *feel*. Scared. Excited. *Not* miserable.

OMG  *dies a million times* CLEX!!!! A beautiful, gay, perfect Clex scene. I’m in heaven and I love this episode. “Something like this requires a more delicate touch.” I can’t believe I heard Lex say those words to Clark. Just. That’s so gay. And the way they LOOKED at each other. Oh. Sweet. Jesus. And the way Lex taunts Clark with the Lana thing. “Lana thinks so.” And he’s doing it to make Clark jealous because Lex, oh god, he wants Clark to be jealous. Not of him, but of Lana. Oh my god. Lex’s *voice*. The way he talks to Clark. It’s not like how he talks to anyone else. So gentle, so sexy, so intimate, and Clark’s a slave to Lex when he talks to him like that. Oh my god. Then the touch on the arm. “I’ll take good care of her. I promise.” And Clark looks wary and then he glances down at Lex’s hand on his arm, then he stares into Lex’s eyes. And Lex’s mouth is perfect and Clark’s eyes are so beautiful. Oh my god.

Stunning. Smallville is stunning. It’s the best looking show on television and I’m not just talking about Tom Welling. The way they film it is extraordinary and quite unique. It’s beautiful.

Clark always knows exactly where to look!   He xrays through the wall, sees the skeleton and then *says* *out loud* “Oh my god.” Which is my mantra for this episode.

Yes. You are correct. Clark breaking through the wall is totally hot. And then the exposure to kryptonite makes him look like he’s coming. No really. Oh my god.

Okay, for the record, I LOVE body swap episodes. I love it when characters have to play against type, like in Buffy with The Wish and Who Am I, to name but a couple, and in SV, Red!Clark, and Nicodemus Lana and Onyx Lex etc etc. So yes yes I’m very pleased that AM got to do this. Because she’s such a wonderful actress and it’s always such an exciting thing for the audience.

I love how Clark instantly recognises that something is weird about Chloe. Not that Gretchen was trying very hard to act normal, but still. I forget whether he found out or not what was going on (maybe afterwards?) but he was still all frowny when not!Chloe was biting her nails and being weird.

Okay, bad writing for a moment. Clark and Lois go in to Chloe's room and Chloe's nowhere to be seen. Lois: “Where’d she go?” Um. How the fuck would Clark know? You’ve been with him the whole time. Oh my god. Bad writers. No points.

Lana: “Lex and I have been looking for you all night.” Interesting. Lana is spending lots of time with Lex then?

More Clex! Lex being bitchy at Clark and Clark just taking it and *staring* at him. Oh my god.

Genuinely creepy dude. “It’s gonna hurt. Just a little bit.” That is SO fucking creepy. Oh my god.

Girl who inhabited Chloe is GOOD. She's not EVIL. That’s why this episode rocks so much. She’s not a cardboard psycho. Many points!

Bad dialogue from creepy guy which I couldn’t concentrate on yet was so unengaged by I didn’t want to watch it again but then not!Chloe spits on him and he says, “You always hurt the ones you love” which is possibly the most irrelevant thing he could have said.

Spooky smiling Gretchen at the end. I liked her but only when she was being played by AM.

What is it about Martha and Clark scenes? They always just move this shit out of me. But okay, did anyone at all find it slightly bizarre that Clark told Martha to take the seat and Martha was all, no, and Clark was all, you totally should, and Martha was all, okay then. Hmmmm. I’m not going to use the word creepy again but I do think the SV writers are making Martha seem a little under the thumb of the boys in (and not in) her life. "*giggle* okay, Clark! I'll do it coz you say so!" I mean, yeah, she *wants* to do it. But why the fuck she need permission, huh? Clark is still her son, he's not her husband. Clark doesn't make the decisions does he? FUCK. I still love Martha.

I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see Chloe’s mom’s face at the end. The reunion felt incomplete. There was a whole half of the emotions missing. We got the back of some random actress. And even then she wasn’t convincing. Which took away from the power Allison Mack’s performance, which was just wonderful.

SQUEE. Fucking brilliant episode. Loved it.
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