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Well now. This is so cool I'm shocked I didn't realise I could do this before now. Because being cool means everything to me. I have a stunning new journal layout which has, and I'm not shy to say this out loud - Made My Day. Who says having a free account means putting up with a shoddy layout? That's BULLSHIT. My journal is so pretty now, I might weep.

Also, I'm dying of excitement. *Dying*. Because Lost is starting on C4 tonight. Two and a half hours worth of pilot. Yes, it's one of those situations where my expectations are so huge that it's not even possible for them to be met, but WTF am I supposed to do? It's by JJ Abrams. Who did Alias. One of my favourite shows ever. Frankly, if I don't spend much of this evening in a state of ecstacy, I will eat my hat.
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