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Calypso is forgiven! (Mostly) and an observation about Thirst

I didn't see her at all on Friday night, but when she turned up on Saturday, I told her straight away that I needed to talk to her, and she instantly said that she owed me an apology, to which I was like, "YES YOU DO," and then I hardly even got to have a go at her because she agreed with everything I said and was so contrite and embarrassed and she'd already given a bottle of wine to our neighbour by way of apology and then last night? She cooked dinner. Now, I wasn't *overjoyed* about the fact that she didn't let me watch TV, so I missed out on Smallville (Thirst) and Prison Break. HOWEVER. Calypso is the most amazing cook in the world - we could have been eating in a restaurant, and she also bought champagne and (really really good) wine to go with, check this out: steak, asparagus wrapped in proscuitto, spinich salad with red peppers, cherry tomatos and garlic, and roast potatoes with this completely delicious marscapone based sauce. GUH. Then strawberries with a marscapone, balsamic vinegar and sugar sauce, chilled and served with strawberry cheesecake Haagen-dazs. And then she was all, "please let me stay here again," and I was all, "YOU CAN STAY FOREVER!"

I love happy endings!

Anyway, I wouldn't let Hamish turn the TV off while SV was on, so I sneakily watched bits of it with the sound down, and there was one scene that, soundless, was so excessively gay that I can't wait to watch it again on Sunday to see if it's still that gay with the sound up.

Clark is in a lecture with Fine right, and Lex walks in and Clark spots him. And then the scene goes on forever and I don't know what anyone is saying but Clark *cannot* stop looking over at Lex. Then there's some eye fucking and Clark looks really panicked, as if he's thinking, what is my boyfriend *doing* here? He keeps looking at Fine then looking back at Lex and Lex is in purple again and looks totally hot and omg I love Smallville.

But looky. Is this not hard proof of their love for one another?

That's Clark *staring* at Lex.


And that's Lex *staring* right back. GOD.  They make it so easy for us.

PS. If my new icon doesn't crack your shit up and make you deliriously happy, you're made of stone.

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