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Wet Clark vs Evil Lex! Who's hotter?

Last night in my living room.

Hamish: Ooh look Kate, Smallville's on after the OC.
Me: Yeah but it’s a repeat of the one we watched the other day.
Hamish: Oh.
*we finish watching the OC*
Me: You better take the remote off me, Haim, because otherwise I’m going to watch Smallville again.
Hamish: I don’t mind.
*Kate watches Aqua again and loves it*

He's all WET. I have a thing for wet Clark. *points at brand new icon which makes me happier than a v v happy person*

Okay, he's not wet YET. But he will be. Also, look how pretty!




Those droplets of water could easily be droplets of sweat. Why is Clark all sweaty?


Naked and sweaty. Whatcha been doin Clark?


The lips of a gay porn star, the hair of a toddler. YAY.


Don't get me wrong. I think Clark has great hair. Lex and I agree on this matter. But look at it! It's all mussed up and sticky outy and cute!


GOD. The mouth, the hair, the wet, wet skin.




He's not wet, no, but holy fucking jesus will you look at that profile.


He's all BLUE. I have a thing for Clark in blue.





A love me a hint of the Welling teeth. He has the best teeth in the whole wide world.


What's wrong Clark?! You look concerned about something! Here. Let me help. *throws a bucket of water over Clark*


That's better. Do you want a towel? No? You're happy being ALL WET. *nods appreciatively*




Wet and flying! Wait a minute. Is that even Tom Welling? *is suspicious*


Clark has an orgasm. Kate dies from lust.


Clark feels sheepish about his orgasm and about killing me.



Not for long though. His mind is on other things now. (Lex)


They're all GAY. I have a thing for Clex. In case you were wondering.

*waves* Hi Lex! And hello Mr Purple Shirt.


Lex's smile fades. Who the hell do these fucktards think they are?


Please ignore the human rectangle and concentrate on the insane prettiness of Clark and Lex.


Clark imagines shoving his cock down Lex's throat.


Look at this mouth, Lex. We could take a trip to heaven and back together.


That sounds very nice, Clark, but I've heard it all before. You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?


I love you. Earnestly.


Well, I'm not not interested. Keep talking.


Oh yeeeaaaah. That sounds real nice, Clark.


Why don't you have a word with my PA. See if she can find you a time to... stop by. Alone.


But I'm horny now. Damn you Lex.


Please reconsider. PLEASE. Fine. Forget it then.


Don't be like that, Clark.



Now I'm horny, frustrated and Clark's new boyfriend called me a tool.


I feel like torturing Clark now. Torturing him then fucking him through the floor.


Lex is all EVIL. I have a thing for badass Lex, because he's super foxy.

Hold up. This isn't Clark! Oh well. I'm still in the mood for evil.


Oh Clark. Why have you forsaken me?


I can make this easy on you, or I can make you hard.


Do you think one of the reasons MR looks so good bald is because of his perfect ears?


The suit, the purple, the ears, the mouth, the every single fucking thing about this scene and about Lex and about Smallville and *dies*


Lex taunting aquaboy with water is my all time favourite.


Only Clark is allowed to be all wet. Do you understand? There will be no other all wet boys in SV which means you don't get any water.


Lex thinks about Clark naked and tries to get himself under control.


It's not easy.


God he's sexy.


Oooooh. I love it when Lex is pleased with himself.


Oh, and speaking of perfect profiles? Nnnnnggh. He so pretty!


The open shirt and the throat and the sexual charisma. *blinks repeatedly*


Picspaming with oxoniensis's screencaps is easy and fun!

Tags: clex, picspam, screencaptions, tv: smallville
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