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SV S5 Vengeance

I loved this episode from start to finish. My only gripes are that there was no clex at all (grr) the clana was annoying (um, Lana, you don't even *remember* your fucking parents, shut the hell up) and the actress who played batgirl didn't cut it (I didn't even find her hot). But apart from that I only have squee.

Clark and Martha. Oh man. They do grief so well and I am just *heartbroken*. All of their scenes together cut deep and I literally had tears streaming down my face - omg I was sobbing - during the last scene. AOT has really shone this season and I'm delighted that they've beefed up her part over the last few years. I want to see much, much more of Martha's story.

But this was all about Clark and that's so appropriate. Because that's what we want to know, right? We want to know how Clark is dealing with his father's death, how it's going to change him, what it's going to teach him, and this episode did it perfectly. Every emotion Clark went through felt natural and real to me, and when he broke down at the end I felt like they'd earned it. It was the right conclusion, and JK's face on the video? I mean, I hated Jonathan, but I *loved* that. *cries and cries*

The batgirl story was really great, I thought; fun (which balanced out the gloominess of the theme), exciting and gutsy. I was *so* impressed when she actually killed the guy. This ep had some balls on it. They didn't wimp out on anything. If only they'd picked a chick who could act. TW outacted her by a million miles, and in fact, he did such a wonderufl job throughout (he's gotten so good in this role); every scene he was in moved me.

And Lionel. Holy mother of God he's a great character. Playing on Martha's intense vulnerability is just. What a *bastard*. Lex sleazing on Lana in a similar manner was a cool parallel but I'm still frustrated that she's not responding to him. The Lexana will never work for me until it's mutual. I dig that it's fucked up and wrong, I do, but what the hell is her problem? It's Lex fucking Luthor and he's so very sexy and Lana may as well be paralysed from the waist down when she's around him becuase he's basically saying, "when you need someone to fuck the shit out of you, I am here," and she's all, "what now?" *slaps Lana*

Lex is getting steadily scarier, but in a good way. He's easily a match for Lionel *already* and soon he'll leave Lionel for dust in the villain stakes.

Clark saved Lionel's life - spectacularly - and then Lionel called him "son". That was a funny thing to call him I thought. Really, *really* creepy. God I loved that scene. Clark is someone who I just *love* so much. I hear a lot of people complaining about his character, and what a self righteous lying teenager he is, and yeah, he is that, but the good *far* outweighs the bad and I like that he's not perfect, because it makes him more human. He is *such* a good young man, with the biggest heart and the truest soul. He cares far more about other people than he does about himself. That's what makes him a hero. Fucking up and being a doofus is what makes him interesting.

In conclusion, I adore my show and oh yeah, I *way* preferred this episode to Reckoning.

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