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I just saw Urban Legend. That film SUCKS.

::spoiler ahead::

Not loving seeing Mikey getting gruesomely murdered. He was so cheeky! Not loving that at all (*grumble grumble*). What I *am* loving is Jared Leto though. HELLO NURSE. He is super, super pretty and hot and he looked really goood in this film and he was sooo much better than everyone else. Jared has that movie star quality, which - and this is just a call and please don't shoot me, it's the only thing I've seen him in other than SV but - MR might not necessarily have that. Not like Jared Leto has it. But I love him because he's Lex and that makes him perfect and wonderful and awesome and a great great actor, obviously. However, I'd like to see him do something, you know, *good* at some point.

I feel ill so I'm going to bed now and I'll watch SV tomorrow, maybe after I've killed Calypso and disposed of the body and had some breakfast.
Tags: actor: michael rosenbaum, film
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