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Big Brother

Okay. Caroline and I just had a fight. About Big Brother. Which I don't even *watch*.

Craig, the gay guy, allegedly molested Anthony, the dumb straight guy, while they were both very drunk (Anthony was *so* drunk he didn't know it was happening, therefore did not consent).

Most of this incident was not shown on TV and I hear Channel 4 could be in trouble because of it. Personally, I'm sickened. Mostly because there was, what I consider to be, sexual assault on the programme, and they're not doing a damn thing about it. Caroline thinks that the contestents know what they're getting into, so they pretty much deserve what they get.

I *hate* that opinion so much it makes me want to throw something. That's like saying a chick who stays with a guy who beats her up deserves everything she gets. FUCK OFF.

Hell, I don't give a rat's ass about the contestants. They're a bunch of fucking scumbags as far as I'm concerned. But this is a step too fucking far.

Or as my friend Hugh says: "You're right though, they sign up to act like idiots, get drunk, have sex on national TV etc. That hardly includes sexual assault. Just because someone does something stupid hardly means they deserve to be violated like that."

And the only other argument Caroline could come up with in response was that she didn't really believe he was assaulted. It's just a rumour. And that just annoys me because that's not remotely addressing the issues of the argument we're actually having. I hope to God it's not true (though my source was reliable) but if it *is* true, let's talk about what it means. I hate being questioned on the validity of something when the person you're arguing with has no other points to make. Fine, disagree with me. Stick to your guns and say, nope, I don't give a fuck that Anthony got assaulted because I don't like him. Don't turn around and tell me I'm gullible. Jesus.
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