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I can't take it anymore. (This post is NOT about SV; bite me)

Everyone on my flist is talking about Smallville and I haven't seen it yet, so I'm boycotting my flist, oh yes I am. If you're talking about something that isn't Smallville and you think I need to see it urgently, tell me here.

The whole thing is turning out to be much trickier than it should be. All I want to do tonight is go home from work, watch the ep, then talk about it with y'all, whilst getting steadily drunker. Which *should* be simple and easy, but yet again, Orson the cat has scuppered my plans.

There's something up with his tail and I'm hoping so much it's not broken because OUCH. But it looks swollen at the top of it and he can't move it anymore and he's finding it hard to jump and he's started using his litter tray again rather than heading down to the garden and when I picked him up last night (because I didn't know) he started howling so loud it woke Pete up and he kept crying and hissing for ages after I'd put him down because he's obviously in a lot of pain. Pete and I are taking him to the vet at 5.40, and that's going to be a mission and a half: getting him into his box which he hates whilst trying not to hurt him isn't even going to be possible (the vet suggests scooping him up in a towel but if anyone has any other ideas, let's hear 'em), and then we'll probably have to walk there (Pete can carry him because Pete goes to the gym and is very strong and I'm a girl and very weak and Orson is FAT) because Orson gets carsick so a taxi isn't an option.

None of this would be a problem, except that apparently Hilary is coming over tonight, so it's going to be a matter of luck as to whether I have time to squeeze SV in. She hasn't given me a time so I'm hoping it'll be later rather than earlier but do you see what happens when you're a relaxed person? Cats get sick and friends pop round when you'd really rather they didn't. *rolls eyes*

I just had a quarterpounder with cheese and fries for lunch because I'm hungover and as always, I regret it. Why do I keep going back to that infernal restaurant? That's it. NEVER AGAIN.

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