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SV tonight!!! Well, not for *me* of course. I'll have to wait til' tomorrow. But still! It's the 100th episode! GAH! And apparently it's gonna be AWESOME. I'm so excited it's not healthy! I could truly, honestly *die* from excitement. *flails about for a while then passes out* (I'll post again more sensibly about SV later on, I pwomise.)

LJ Interests meme results

  1. clark:
    Clark is a giant doofus who I have an insane and ridiculous amount of love for, to the point where I will forgive him, uh, *pretty much anything*. I'm not kidding. I love him when he's being pissy, when he's being childish, when he's being jealous, when he's being mean to Lex, when he's being mean to Chloe, I just. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I do get mad at him, yes. But I honestly cannot stay mad at someone that hot and porny.
  2. family guy:
    Family Guy rocks so hard. They'll take a pop at anyone and everyone, and they do offensive with mean style. *hart* Also, Brian and Stuey are two of the greatest cartoon inventions EVER. They're OTP!
  3. house:
    My sexy, grumpy, crippled junkie. I love the show, I love the man.
  4. jill scott:
    Did you know this about me? I'm a massive hip hop/r&b fan. And Jill Scott is one of my favourite singers. Her voice is like honey and although she's no match for Erykah Badu as a lyricist, her tunes are sooo sweet and sexy and fly. "You're getting in the way" is her big breakthrough hit. If I had any idea how to share music, I would post some tunes here, so you can appreciate her incredible talent.
  5. michael rosenbaum:
    Mikey! He's such a goofy, funny geek! More than that, he's an *extraordinary* actor. Absolutely the most talented out of the SV cast. He rises above the material on a regular basis, making shitty dialogue sound *good*, and the dude has chemistry with, like, *everyone*. God I love him so much. I really need to see him in something that's not SV. Hee.
  6. rachel mcadams:
    I fell for Rachel in Mean Girls and then when I saw The Wedding Crashers, she became one of my favourite actresses. She has everything I look for in an actor - she's beautiful, warm, funny, charming and she has mad presence. When she's on the screen, you want to look at her. And from what I can tell, she's a damn good actress.
  7. shane:
    Shane is the sexy lesbian from the L Word who - and I remain ungay - I would totally fuck.
  8. southpark:
    I haven't watched Southpark for a few years actually, but I still have a lot of love for the boys. Especially Cartman. Cartman... haha. You know that bit in the theme song that Cartman sings, and it's impossible to understand what he's actually saying? (if anyone knows, please enlighten me) I laugh at that EVERY TIME. I mean it. And I must have seen the show millions of times. And it always *always* makes me laugh.
  9. the l word:
    One of the hottest television shows I've ever seen. And also just really *good*, and with great characters who take a while to warm to but that's beause they're so real, and it's just well written and good. And extremely hot.
  10. will smith:
    I love Will Smith! How can anyone NOT love him? He's so beautiful and so talented and so likeable. Is there anyone else who has achieved what Will has? A superstar in television, a superstar in music, a superstar in film. The guy is AMAZING (although I'm not huge on him as a rapper - he's a bit too fun and commercial). And his body in I Robot is the BUSINESS.

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